Kicking It With the Kids

When he does not play football, Lahm is often busy doing something else; he always has other commitments. This past Sunday, he paid a visit to a football club in Unterneukirchen.

© Foto: Albert Kamhuber

The captain of Bayern, Philipp Lahm, made Sunday an unforgettable experience for 26 young football players.

Because of coming in 2nd in the fundraising campaign “Goals for Africa – Every Strike Counts”, young football players from Altötting got a chance to train for about two hours with a man who is an eminent figure in the German football, and got to know him up close and personal.


The two-hour training was led by Reinhard Klante, the senior coach of the Bavarian Football Association and two other BFA coaches.

It concluded with a private autograph signing session with Lahm (85 caps). The manager, Wolfgang Hirn, along with Richard Hillgartner, a youth leader, presented the 28-year-old with a SVU scarf and asked the captain of Bayern to accept the Honorary Membership of Unterneukirchen’s sports club.

The two football officials also promised to continue supporting the fundraiser and to find a sponsor for the cause. In addition, Bayern’s captain received a €500 voucher for the local furniture store, a gift that a soon-to-be father will put to good use. Tobias Blüml subtly hinted to Lahm to redeem the coupon in person.

It was not an easy task to choose a total of 150 participants for the football training session. At last, it came down to choosing from the kids of dedicated coaches, officials, and sponsors. With that, one hit the nail on the head. However, there were also tears. Some had Communion on Sunday, and as a result, missed the ‘Philipp Lahm’ experience. […]

 © translation by unavis

The source.

There are also a lot of pictures, so I encourage you to check them out.


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