Lahm: His family, his sport

In one of the previous posts, I mentioned that Philipp had not commented all that much on an upcoming addition to his family. I like it that he has kept it his prerogative until today. In the interview with TZ (the source), Lahm talks a bit about football and a future expansion of his family. (I have a couple of comments, so please forgive me for dissecting it in two parts.)

In conversation with Jan Janssen

In August, Philipp Lahm and his Claudia will become proud parents. In the interview with TZ, the captain of Bayern speaks about his upcoming bundle of joy. Before that, he would like to win multiple titles.

Philipp Lahm’s eyes sparkle. Bayern’s world-class defender is literally a pure joy to watch. Lahm laughs, one could say: Bayern’s star shines from within. It looks like Lahm (28) is at peace with himself. It is noticeable: Lahm has grown up, matured into a man. And he obviously feels good about it.

I always thought that Lahm shined from within. Some people just have that quality, and he is one of them. It also seems like now he is super-mature. *laugh* He has always been very mature compared to others, but now, I guess, he took it to a whole new level. *laugh*

With regard to being at peace with oneself, this is one of the things that I always liked about him and wished I had to the same extent. It has not been a process, in my opinion; it was always a fact.

It is clear that Lahm’s obvious calmness [balance] does not come only from his success in sports. For an intelligent young man, the thing that counts is even more than just the sport. For Lahm, it is his own little family. In 2010, he married the love of his life, Claudia (26), and now comes the culmination of this love: Philipp and Claudia will become parents!

For Lahm, it could be a fantastic year. There are still three titles to win: the German Cup, the Champions League, and the European Championship. “We have to deal with them one at a time. First of all, we have the final of the German Cup: it’s against the German champions, we have lost four times to Dortmund. Thus, we will be very motivated. Then it’s the final of the Champions League: we want to win the title at last! And then we’ll be going to the European Championship. And we all know what possibilities there are,” says Lahm.

That would be a dream, wouldn’t it? To win all three titles and then also become a father?

“Yes, that would be nice. But we aren’t there yet,” says Lahm.

How happy is he about becoming a father?

“I’m thrilled! That’s obvious! If one isn’t happy about something like that, things have gone wrong in his life,” says Lahm to TZ.

The defender knows: all the success, money and fame, all of it is worth nothing if the family isn’t doing well, or for example, a wish to have a child remains unfulfilled. Therefore, Lahm is even more excited about becoming a father. (Reportedly, it’s a boy.)

Hence, for Lahm, the year of 2012 could probably be the most important year of his life. “The child won’t be born until after the European Championship,” said Lahm. In early August, it seems. “Everything has been going well so far. The mother and child are healthy, that’s the main thing,” Lahm points out. A kid as the crown jewel of his happiness, and this year he could also crown his career. He says, “An international title belongs with the golden generation. And I’m now 28. There are not that many chances to win an international title.”

Thus, the ambition is even greater. Lahm remarks, “One talks about it every day, and that is simply wonderful. There is a huge euphoria in the city. I’m from Munich and have a lot of friends here with whom I, of course, discuss it. We want the title. That is our big goal, our big dream.”

Then his happiness would finally be complete.

(translation © unavis)

I am with you, Philipp. All the way to the top.  


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