Lahm And the Two Upcoming Finals

Do you know that feeling when something is coming up, and you can’t wait for it to be over just because of the anticipation? I certainly do, and I think it’s one of the things that would make it impossible for me to be a top athlete. I am not sure I would be able to handle it. As a fan, I cannot say that I feel nervous about the upcoming games. It well may be that the nervousness will kick in right before. Or maybe I should adopt Lahm’s attitude. (That would probably be the best way.) He shared with Merkur and Sport1 his thoughts on he subject.

“Those are different competitions. There have been times when we didn’t play well in the Bundesliga but played well in the Champions League, and vice versa. The players adapt to different competitions,” believes Bayern’s captain. In “Kicker”, the 28-year-old remarks, “Of course, it is good to win the Cup a week before the final of the Champions League. That gives the team more confidence. However, they would not be [morally] destroyed if they didn’t win the Cup.

Unlike Frank Ribéry, who has pointed out that he would approach the match with “a bit of anger” in the light of the last four defeats, Lahm looks at the situation more calmly, “I wouldn’t describe my feeling as anger per se, but we all have the ambition to emerge as winners this time.”

(my translation; the source)

Now, that last phrase is one of the reasons why I think he is awesome.

Bayern’s Philipp Lahm is looking forward to the game against Borussia Dortmund and wants to make up for the missed Bundesliga title.

“Of course, it stings that we didn’t win the Bundesliga for two years in a row,” Lahm points out in the interview with SPORT 1, “but we still have two big goals in mind. We have to  concentrate on them.”

The native of Munich has clear expectations, “In order for it to be a good season, one must win titles.”

In addition to the final of the German Cup, there is the Champions League final, and the national player’s anticipation is “very, very high. It’s not every year that one plays in both finals, not to mention that those are the German Cup and the Champions League finals. Hence, we’re looking forward to both.”

With regard to Arjen Robben extending his contract, Lahm is pleased: “I have never doubted it. Arjen is a top player who always helps us out. One has been able to see that in recent years.”

(my translation; the source)

The bottom line: keep your composure, and hopefully, good things will come of it.


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