Platini Reacts To Lahm’s Previous Statement

So, Michel Platini finally expressed his point of view on the whole “boycott the European Championship in Ukraine” thing, which means that now we have clarity. It was his reaction to Lahm’s previous statement. (You can read about it here in case you have missed it.)

UEFA’s president Michel Platini repelled the demand of Germany’s captain Philipp Lahm, pertaining to taking a stand in the debate on the situation in Ukraine, the co-host of the European Championship.

“He can say what he wants. It doesn’t matter to me. Mr. Lahm is not my boss. He can’t demand anything from me. He is the captain of the German National Team, not that of UEFA,” said the president of the European Football Union in the interview at the DPA news agency’s headquarters in Nyon.


Platini defended the “non-political” nature of his organization and reproached the incredibility of some politicians. “I can show you the reactions at the time when Ukraine and Poland were named the hosts of the European Championship. Everyone applauded and welcomed the opening to the East.” Those who now wish to stay away from the games in Ukraine were “the same who said four years ago how great it was for us to turn to Poland and Ukraine.”

UEFA will not interfere in political or religious matters. “I don’t do politics, I do football. If I wanted to do politics, I would go into politics”, said Platini.

(my translation)

The source.

I doubt that Platini is very far from being political, but I do agree with him on this matter. However, that is not what is important in this case. First, his reaction simply emphasizes the fact that Lahm’s opinion is no more than Lahm’s opinion and did not deserve the outrage it got. In other words, he did not force Platini to make a decision that would go along with his, i.e. Lahm’s, views. Second, Lahm was asking Platini to take a stand whatever that might be. Platini says Lahm isn’t his boss, but by doing that, he did take a stand. Are you with me? *smile* So, technically, Platini did what Lahm asked him to do. Lahm is a genius! :D



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