And That’s Why He Is the Best

The football season at the club level has come to an end. It is only natural that people take a look back, trying to decide who played the best. I would be lying if I said that seeing Philipp’s name being praised does not make me extremely happy. (Some people are not that foolish after all.) He deserves it.

SoFoot, the French website pertaining to football, presents its version of the Champions League team, which is, in a sense, an equivalent to the all-star team or other similar classification. According to them, Lahm was the best at right back in the Champions League this season. Three other Bavarians have made it to the team. Make sure you check it out here. In particular, they write,

“Never spectacular but always just right. As a proof, when he joins the attack, whether it is in support of Ribéry or Robben, they never hesitate to let the ball go because they are certain they’ll get it back.”

To be honest, I would use the word spectacular without hesitation. In my book, Lahm has been nothing short of that. But in terms of certainty, that is exactly what Ribéry, too, said some time ago.

On another website, i.e. the one uniting admirers of the Football Manager, there is a thread where users vote for the team of the current season (2011-2012). Lahm has been voted as the right-back of the season (94 votes).

An international, the captain of Bayern and the National Team is worshiped everywhere he goes.

For a defensive player of his caliber [level], very skillful in the attack; the little Philipp has even demonstrated his talents as a clutch player, in particular in the match against “Real Madrid”.

A player who combines physique, technique, and mental strength.

(my translation)

And there are some reasons why people chose him:

“I think everything has already been mentioned. An all-around player, very constant, he manages to be charismatic, being 1m 60, and like a weasel.”

Lahm just got 10cm shorter! I think he would not appreciate that. *laugh*

“I found him to be impressive. Very accurate in terms of technique and good in terms of defense.”

“(Has been) A true boss on the right for years. This guy is class.”

“Always present, whether on the left or the right, no one gets past him, and he joins the attack. As a proof, in the semi-final against “Real”, he ate up CR [Christiano Ronaldo] before doing all the work for the second goal, eliminating Madrid’s defense without a care in the world.”

“He’s tied with Alves for the first place, but this season the irregularity of the Brazilian swings the vote in favor of the German. Solid, rarely defeated, he is also good defensively and leads his men on the pitch like a boss.”

“An all-around player, fast, accurate in his area and his defensive interceptions, charismatic, and a leader in every team in which he plays.”

(my translation)

All of that and more makes Lahm one of a kind. 


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