A Press Conference With Lahm: A brief overview

The European Championship is coming closer, and I can feel the excitement. Today Lahm attended a press conference for the National Team. He looked sharp. (And it looks like he’s got some tan, which is good. He looks well-rested.)

Philipp Lahm at the press conference. May 30, 2012

  • When asked about the Champions League, Lahm pointed out that stuff like that happens. You win, you lose, it’s all part of the sport. He believes that one should not simply look at the final since there is more than that; we should also look at the successful season in the Champions League. He spoke for all Bayern players that they are looking forward to the European Championship. They have big goals.
  • With regard to Bastian and the fact that he will miss tomorrow’s friendly, Lahm said that, of course, it is bad when a player like Bastian does not train with the team. He is important to the National Team and to FC Bayern. Lahm hopes that Bastian will be fit for the European Championship.
  • One journalist wondered whether Lahm would be playing at left-back or right-back. When the question was being asked, Lahm smiled, and that is no surprise since the so-called “Lahm Equation” has been discussed for quite a while now. Lahm said that he would play at left-back against Israel tomorrow, but it is not certain what position he will have in the first match at the European Championship. He also believes he plays at the top level on both sides and thinks of it as an advantage that he can play on both sides. [Well, I have to say that I agree. I think it is a huge advantage for him as a player and a huge advantage for the teams that have him. It is very convenient.]

Philipp Lahm answering questions

  • Joachim Löw, Lahm, Podolski, and Klose will be driving to Auschwitz on Friday. Lahm pointed out that when something like that is suggested, it is only natural that the captain will take part it in. He also mentioned that he had already visited Dachau some time in the past. He believes it to be important because it shows that they know their history, they are aware of it. In addition, it serves as an example to the younger generation, and he agrees that the players of the National Team are role models for kids.
  • In addition, Lahm was asked about the bracelet he was wearing. He explained that the whole team has it. It is the bracelet that symbolizes the notion of team spirit, the desire to win the title together, all the work that the team has put into their preparation for the upcoming championship. In other words, it is the symbol of togetherness. [I don’t know if it looks good to you in the picture, but in the video it looked pretty good. I like it.]

Philipp Lahm showing the team’s bracelet.

  • The last question came from a kid, who asked Lahm about the time when the latter wanted to be a banker and so on. It was really endearing, and made Lahm laugh.

Overall, it was a very pleasant press conference, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s game. Auf geht’s die Jungs!



  1. Alejandra Valdez · · Reply

    I loved that interview, and especially the cuff. It is important to the union on the computer. And I agree with you.

    1. Hi =)

      Thank you for commenting :D

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