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The “Man of the Web” & Bits Of Everything

There has been a press conference with Lahm, as well as an interview and some articles. Instead of writing a separate post for each one of those, I have decided to make one as a brief overview: Philipp’s wife, Claudia, came to visit him on Sunday. At the press conference, he said that they were […]

Lahm And EURO 2012: Germany vs. Greece, or LAAAAAHM!

I do realize that the match took place several days ago, and I drafted this post that very same day, but things got in the way, thus it was not published. No reason for it to be neglected though. Well, that was interesting! :) I do not even know where to start. “From the beginning”, […]

Lahm’s Interview For Fit For Fun: Part II

So, dear readers, this is the final installment of this interview :) The first part can be found here. Thanks to the wonderful Lana, who has the original and who has kindly agreed to translate the remaining part, we all can enjoy the rest of the interview. I have to say that some answers made […]

Lahm’s Interview For Fit For Fun: Reloaded

Some time ago I wrote a post about Lahm’s interview for the magazine Fit For Fun. I still do not have the original, but a certain part of the interview is available online, thus I have decided it would not be a bad idea to share what there is to share. After reading it, I […]

To Look Like Philipp Lahm

One of Augsburg’s newspapers online has a writer/blogger named Carmen Jung. In her articles, she describes “the normal everyday madness of a family with two boys.” So, I assume it is about her family that she writes. In any case, she wrote a short story entitled To Look Like Philipp Lahm. I thought it was […]

Lahm’s Profile On FIFA

Today I came across this article on the official FIFA website (Germany). It is sort of a profile with an interesting title Lahm: A Captain With A Target. I have translated the whole thing, but I am going to break it into several parts because I would like to comment on every paragraph. ______________________________________________________ Lahm: […]

Lahm’s Interview To F.A.Z.

First of all, congratulations to Lahm, his team, the coaching stuff, Germany’s fans on the win against Denmark! I have to admit that I was very nervous. It looks like I just can’t watch these games calmly. I thought Lahm had a good game. (From the media, he got grades ‘3’ and ‘2.5’.) However, I […]