Lahm And His Role Model

There are those who guide our decisions and inspire us. Those who make us better people. Those who make us think, “I want to be like that.”

In previous posts, I have mentioned some of Lahm’s role models. It looks like we can add one more to the list. Welt has completed an interesting project entitled These Are the Role Models of the German National Players.

While Per Mertersaker did surprised me a bit with his choice of Bob Marley as his role model, Lahm’s choice appears to be completely natural. It is Roman Herzog.

The captain and the president. “A man whom I admire and who always impresses me,” says Philipp Lahm about the former president Roman Herzog. “He is my role model because he openly addresses problems and isn’t tired to employ his personal commitment, his name and reputation to work for a better society.” Five years ago, Philipp Lahm got to meet him. He managed to get the president on the board of trustees of his foundation (Philipp-Lahm-Stiftung). Great luck. The president always enriches joint meetings with his experience and his apparently inexhaustible knowledge. “He radiates inner strength and peace,” says Lahm, “and can engage every listener with his charisma and humor and inspire him for a cause.” (my translation)

First off, I have to say that Lahm’s got persuasion skills if he managed to get the president’s support, and not just some once-in-a-blue-moon type of thing. Herzog is on the board of trustees of his foundation! That is really cool.

Second, as usual, it is a question of the chicken and the egg. We like people who are similar to us. In other words, we appreciate their qualities because we, ourselves, possess them and believe them to be important. On the other hand, we want to be like our role models because they are the guiding light, our reference point which we would like to approach.

I do not know which category Lahm belongs to, but I do know that, to me, this is exactly how I see him: Lahm radiates inner strength and peace, something that never ceases to amaze me. In addition, he certainly uses his name and reputation to improve things, and, in my humble opinion, is an inspiration speaker.


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  1. I agree with everything! So amazing =’D

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