Lahm’s Interview to Fit For Fun: A Preview

In the new issue of the magazine Fit For Fun, Lahm talks about fitness, his marathon-nightmare, and his pulse of 210.
This is merely a preview, i.e. the bits that are available online. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of the magazine. Hence, if anyone of you does have it, I would really appreciate it if you could share so that I could translate it for everyone.


Philipp Lahm: “I love football, but I hate running.”

In the past 12 months, Philipp Lahm, the captain of the German National Team, hasn’t done a single long-distance run despite the imminent European Championship. The 28-year-old makes this surprising statement in the new issue of Fit For Fun (on sale June 6th). “20-25 minutes maximum,” says Lahm. In the past, football players had to do very long endurance runs as part of their preparation for a season. Today things are different, “Nowadays, while preparing for a season, we pretty much don’t do it. We train the way we play football. Approximately 5 minutes at high pace, then we do other exercises. After that, again 5 minutes at high pace.” That comes unnatural to him, “I love football, but I hate running. To run a marathon is practically a nightmare to me,” says the 28-year-old.

“My resting heart rate is 70 – that’s relatively high”

In Fit For Fun, Lahm also revealed his current pulse: while his resting heart rate is 70 (“That’s relatively high!”), his maximum heart rate could be determined as follows: “We do a sprint of 20 meters, full speed! Then we trot back, then again sprinting at full speed, then trotting back. A total of 11 times. As a result, my pulse is about 185. After that, we run for three minutes non-stop, make a two-minute pause, and start all over again. After the third round, the pulse goes over 200. My maximum heart rate is somewhere between 206 and 210.”

“The emptiness comes after the game”

Lahm says that, during a football match, “there has never been a moment when I though, ‘I can’t do it anymore.’ The emptiness comes after the game. You’re sitting there, and you’re done. You even get spasms afterwards.” He has no problem with it, “My drive is clearly my hunger for success. For titles. I have that in mind in difficult moments of a match as well. Otherwise, after 70 minutes, I could say, ‘Now I’m done, now I’m going to just stand there.’ ” In addition, something else plays a crucial role for him: the joy of playing football. “If one day I stop enjoying it, then I will be done with football,” says Lahm.

(translation ©unavis)


PS.: me too, I hate running. If it is a basketball game or something similar, then it is alright. However, running for the sake of it… Nope, can’t do.


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