Platini Complains. Again.

Before the start of the European Championship, Michel Platini gave an interview, and it seems he still cannot get over the fact that Lahm has expressed his opinion. Platini says the following:

I believe a football player, especially a captain of a National Team, shouldn’t express his opinion on political matters in public. […] There are a lot of people in Ukraine who work to ensure that he plays there. As a player, I wouldn’t allow myself to say, ‘You should do this and that.’ (my translation)

Well, wait a second here. It is true: Lahm is a football player. But he is also a person. He is allowed to share his thoughts, not to mention the fact that he, as mentioned in the DFB-interview, did not speak on behalf of the team. Also, Lahm did not say that people who work in Ukraine “should do this and that”. In fact, his statement was not addressed to them at all. It was principally addressed to you, Mr. Platini. I believe that it is a rather feeble attempt on Platini’s part to change the addressee of Lahm’s statement. In addition, Lahm did not recommend a course of action. He asked and was curious about any form of response, whatever that might be, from UEFA. Finally, Lahm is not you, Mr. Platini. He does as he sees fit.

In conclusion, Platini added,

Lahm is a very, very good player. Perhaps, I will hand him the trophy with a smile on my face. (my translation)

That just sounds creepy. I guess it is Platini trying to smooth things over and make sure that everyone see unicorns and rainbows after telling people what Lahm should not do.

(In case you’ve missed the previous episodes, the Lahm-Platini Saga is here and here :) )


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