To Look Like Philipp Lahm

One of Augsburg’s newspapers online has a writer/blogger named Carmen Jung. In her articles, she describes “the normal everyday madness of a family with two boys.” So, I assume it is about her family that she writes. In any case, she wrote a short story entitled To Look Like Philipp Lahm. I thought it was interesting and, most of all, very endearing. If anyone out there has a cold heart, s/he should read this :)

His role model was his cousin. For two years, the 8-year-old let his hair grow as his relative who is 5 years older. He still loves his cousin, but in the meantime he has another role model. As the father goes with his sons to a hairdresser, the 8-year-old takes a poster of Mario Götze. And while the big brother is somewhat an example for the little one, the 6-year-old packs up the poster of Philipp Lahm.


[Putting] some gel in his hair also makes the little brother happy. After that, the father has some difficulty persuading the two to put on their helmets for the ride back home. At home, the handsome boys let their mother take pictures. In doing so, the 6-year-old is a bit disappointed, “I said that I wanted to look like Philipp Lahm, but I don’t look like him.” The mother and father don’t find it [the haircut] bad. For them, their boys are much more handsome than all the football stars in the world.

But for the 6-year-old, the whole “haircut” matter isn’t off the table. There is a sequel. A few days later, while having breakfast, the 6-year-old wants to know from his parents, “Do I look like Philipp Lahm?” He shows his bangs and wants to know what has changed. The mother and father can’t think of anything. Then the little one admits that he has taken the matter into his own hands with the help of scissors. He threw the hair that he has cut in order to look like the captain of the German National Team out of the window. The parents are just happy that he has become a bit more cautious with the scissors. The last time he, himself, changed his hair, significant holes were visible. This time there is hardly any difference visible. Only that still doesn’t make him look like Philipp Lahm.

I feel bad for the little kid :) I mean he even brought a poster with him to show what haircut he wanted so that the hairdresser did not have to guess  or listen to vague explanations. And they could not cut his hair right? :) It looks like his brother got what he wanted. (Perhaps, it is more difficult to copy Lahm :D)

But the fact that the little one adores Lahm so much makes me smile!


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