Lahm And EURO 2012: Germany vs. Greece, or LAAAAAHM!

I do realize that the match took place several days ago, and I drafted this post that very same day, but things got in the way, thus it was not published. No reason for it to be neglected though. Well, that was interesting! :) I do not even know where to start. “From the beginning”, some might say.

I was nervous before the match and found it a bit difficult to pull myself together. To be honest, in the second half, I muted the TV because I could not listen to the commentators reading different statistics and distracting me from concentrating. Nevertheless, I have to say that this is probably the first match in which Germany reminded me of its old- new-self, the 2010 version. I felt like they had improved from the previous game. Certainly, one might say that the opponent was not very serious and that a real test is coming up. Yes, that well may be. Still, I did see an improvement, and I hope that it won’t stop there.

For me, a huge Lahm fan, one of the highlights was definitely his magnificent goal. An online user pointed out that Lahm does not score often, but it is totally worth the wait. And I agree. At first, I could not believe that he did it. Not that I doubt him, but it was very unexpected. I had the following reaction:

After that, joy, screams, and everything else. I cannot even begin to describe how it felt. Feeling proud that it was him who scored, who broke that deadlock, who did what was needed so much. I know that everyone suddenly remembered his goal against Costa Rica in 2006, but I think I remembered all four of them at once. All four have been very special. And now we have the fifth one.

Needless to say, when the Greeks scored the equalizer, I did not know what to do with myself. It seemed like I became 10 times more nervous. Some said that it showed Lahm was better (defensively) on the right. Frankly, I do not think that letting that goal in was the indicator of him being better on the right. Boateng, as well as the two central defenders, had something to do with it as well. But the German National Team obviously had some compassion for me, as they scored three more goals :)

Afterwards, Die Welt published an article highlighting some interesting points:

It was an important goal of the captain: how often does he score in the National Team’s jersey? […] Lahm-move has long belonged in with the classic football moves. [My note: the author means the way Philipp comes from the left but kicks the ball with his right foot.] “This is one of his greatest qualities,” says Löw in Danzig. […] Not only does Lahm play football well, very often he also has an opinion [which he expresses] and enjoys doing both. (my translation)

The article then recounts the “Platini” drama, talks about the book, concentrating on the controversy, which, as you know, I am very much against. Finally, the author quotes Philipp and points out:

“If I’m honest, I would like to score more often. But I’m not a born striker,” says the Munich’s native. As a compensation, his goals are special, three of them were scored during the major tournaments.[…] For the captain himself, the wait begins. If he keeps up his rhythm, he is likely to score at the World Cup in Brazil. (my translation)

Well, I hope that will come to pass. I would love it! Of that I am certain. And, as always, I wish him all the best.


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