The “Man of the Web” & Bits Of Everything

There has been a press conference with Lahm, as well as an interview and some articles. Instead of writing a separate post for each one of those, I have decided to make one as a brief overview:

  • Philipp’s wife, Claudia, came to visit him on Sunday. At the press conference, he said that they were going to watch football together (England vs. Italy). I do not know if she has already left by now, but it is great that he got to see his beloved.
  • Before the 4th quarterfinal match (England vs. Italy), Lahm said that he would prefer to play against England in the semi-final. Well, too late for that because we all know what the results are :)
  • Lahm believes the match against Greece demonstrated the fact that the team has many options in terms of attacking, etc. In other word, they have people to choose from, and that helps a lot. He also thinks that the team, itself, made it difficult for themselves, i.e. they played too carelessly at times. In his opinion, the important thing is that the team could react after conceding a goal.
  • When asked about Sami and Mesut, Lahm said that it’s difficult for him to judge individual players, but there is no doubt they have matured in the past two years that they spent in “Real Madrid”. They have also matured in their game orientation over there.
  • He believes that some teams play too defensively. (The question was about the unusual, if you will, attention to defending at this championship.)
  • Lahm hopes that Bastian will be able to play on Thursday.
  • When asked about Löw, Lahm said there’s “an absolute trust. There is a human basis.” Talking about their relationship, he added, “The head coach and I exchange many things.” (Exchanging thoughts, etc.)
  • There’s also been some talk about a possible betrayal. If you have not yet heard about it, it has to do with the fact that somebody leaked the starting line up of the Germans to the media. As you might know, the starting line up is revealed prior to the game but at a certain time. That was not the case on the day of the match against Greece. In this article, the author says that Lahm thinks it is fine to discuss such things with the immediate family but not with the agents,- and I quote, “The Germany skipper was strictly against giving squad details to agents, he believed only the immediate family of the player should be informed about the line up.” That is not the case. Lahm said the following:

“The fact that one talks to his wife, his family, or whoever else, is fine. However, I can’t give out the information about the starting line up. Not to my agent, not to my wife or to anyone else. I do not do that. That stays with us. I can discuss it with the teammates, with the coach, and that should be enough,” says Lahm. (The source; my translation.)

So, as you can tell, there is a quite a difference. Lahm also believes players should be careful when discussing such things. According to him, he who did leak the information does not understand the sport and what the stakes are. That person put a price on it instead.

  • Who is the most popular German player when it comes to the Internet? Philipp Lahm. (The source.)

As Philipp Lalhm fought for the power against the former “Capitano” Michael Ballack, there were some skeptics who weren’t completely convinced about the leadership qualities of the 1m70 man. By scoring a redeeming goal against Greece, Lahm proved that he is rightfully wearing the captain’s armband. (my translation)

First of all, I do not like the beginning of this article. Why make it so sensationalist?! Fighting, revolting… Silly. Second, if scoring a goal convinced those skeptics, they surely had not payed attention to anything else. What a shame. If it didn’t convince them, then they might be hypocrites.

His performance was also honored in the social networks. With about 3,000 posts, Lahm is currently the “Man of the Web” in the German team, according to the result from . The following was taken into account: how often, on which channels, and on which topics users commented when talking about the players of the German National Team. In order to do that, the total of 35,000 posts, left by the users on Facebook, Twitter, forums or blogs, since the quarterfinal against Greece, were examined.  (my translation)

[The other results: 2. Marco Reus (2.700) 3. Mario Gomez (1.600) 4. Bastian Schweinsteiger (1.400) 5. Sami Khedira (1.400)]

That being said, I think everyone who admires Lahm should be proud of himself/herself! Power in numbers, my dear readers! :) Hence, I congratulate you!


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