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To Sing Or Not To Sing? That Is the Question.

There has been some discussion going on as to whether everyone on the National Team must sing the anthem. I know for sure that people are divided on the subject. I, myself, belong to a group of “non-singers”. In other words, I do not consider singing the anthem an indication of how much a team […]

Philipp & Claudia… & Julian!

We all knew that the baby boy would be coming into this world this week, but I do not think any  of us could imagine that it would happen on the day of the match! :) I mean, what are the odds! Being an avid fan of Lahm, I couldn’t not to comment on this […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter II – Part II

The XXX Summer Olympic Games are over, and I admit that I got somewhat teary-eyed, watching the Closing Ceremony. It was so great watching all the athletes and seeing greatness each day. Congratulations to every country-participant! In addition, Bayern won the match against Dortmund today, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to […]

Lahm’s Question To Angela Merkel

If I met such and such celebrity, what would I say? That is the question that I have asked myself more than once. A good question might as well be the cornerstone of an interesting conversation, especially if questions are for the Chancellor. Lahm has met German’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, on more than one occasion, […]

Lahm and the Upcoming Match Against Argentina

As many of you know, the German National Team is about to play against Argentina on Wednesday. However, Philipp will not participate in the match. Joachim Löw commented on the matter: “Philipp absolutely wanted to play, but after a long phone call, that’s the decision I made with regard to his private situation,” the head […]