Lahm’s Question To Angela Merkel

If I met such and such celebrity, what would I say? That is the question that I have asked myself more than once. A good question might as well be the cornerstone of an interesting conversation, especially if questions are for the Chancellor. Lahm has met German’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, on more than one occasion, and I am certain he has talked over a few things with her. This time around, he is one of the 37 celebrities to whose questions Merkel gave an answer in the interview with Süddeutschen Zeitung. I find his question intelligent, well-formed and interesting.

She is afraid of thunderstorms, her favorite movie is “Out of Africa”, and she would like to have dinner with  Vicente del Bosque some time. The Chancellor Angela Merkel answered the questions of 37 celebrities in the interview with “Süddeutschen Zeitung” on Friday.  FCB captain, Philipp Lahm, also asked the Chancellor a question, “Is there something that you have to give up today? In other words, what is your greatest personal sacrifice for the nation?” Merkel’s response: “I have to give up going shopping incognito.” (my translation, the source)

Merkel has a sense of humor, that is clear, but the question was really good. Talking about interviewing… I have said it many times before that, in my opinion, Lahm can do anything he wishes to, and he would be good at it. However, I am starting to think that, although he has all the ability to be a good sports analyst, this job would be too small – no pun intended – for him. I feel like he should be doing greater things.

Speaking of great things, I hope you all have already seen the picture he posted on his Facebook page several days ago. As always, he spent a day – I am assuming in Munich – with kids at his summer camp. Unfortunately, I do not remember what other city will be hosting his camp this year. Is it Berlin?.. I might be wrong. But just like the last year, his foundation cooperates with that of José Carreras.


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