To Sing Or Not To Sing? That Is the Question.

There has been some discussion going on as to whether everyone on the National Team must sing the anthem. I know for sure that people are divided on the subject. I, myself, belong to a group of “non-singers”. In other words, I do not consider singing the anthem an indication of how much a team wants to win, how much they are willing to give, how “together” they are, or how much they are interested in playing for a particular country. To me, singing the National Anthem does not denote how much one loves his or her country. It is an attribute.

As you must have noticed by now, there are certain German players who do not sing the National Anthem. It looks like this has been named as one of the reasons why the team has not won major tournaments in recent years. (Well, that is just ridiculous, if you ask me.) It amazes me to see there are doubts as to how much a certain player wants to contribute. If he does not sing the anthem, it does not mean he does not try to win the game. I believe we have had plenty of proof of that. Several days ago, Joachim Low expressed his point of view, pointing out that singing the National Anthem is no indication whatsoever of how much the team wishes to work together and how much they want to win.

Now, Philipp Lahm joined the debate.

The full back of Bayern Munich believes “it’s good when everyone sings the anthem”, says Lahm to “Sport Bild Plus”. “It’s a supplementary ritual that can strengthen the solidarity of the team. However, I believe that the personal right of every individual [to decide] whether he sings along or not is of higher priority, and therefore, it should always remain a voluntary thing,” further differentiates Lahm. (the source)

Oh, how I love his way to phrase it. He acknowledges that it is a good thing and certainly brings only positive emotions, but he emphasizes that is not all. His choice of the word “supplementary”, “additional”, is spot on. And I do agree with Lahm that it is a player’s prerogative. I expect him to take some heat for his opinion, but has it ever been otherwise?



  1. The bright side of life · · Reply

    I do agree with you and Lahm. Singing or not singing? It’s a difficult question (well, not for us Spaniards… we don’t have lyrics, so we don’t sing end of the problem xDDDDDDDDDDD).

    But seriously. I do understand Mesut’s point of view, he doesn’t sing but prays and hopes no one will get hurt during the match. I don’t blame Mesut, Boateng, Gündogan or any other German player for not singing the anthem, maybe they chose to play for Germany despite of their non-German origins because they knew that they would get success with Germany, something that probably wouldn’t have happened with their other national team option.

    Of course I think that it’s a good thing to sing the anthem, I won’t lie, I love when I can hear Bastian singing the anthem over the others, he has passion, he IS really proud to be German. But it’s a personal decision, after all.

    As long as they play the best they can and they give 100% I don’t mind if they sing or they don’t sing the anthem. As Lahm says, every single player has their personal ritual after a match, so people have to respect it. Singing the anthem won’t make you win the match nor will make you a better football player. So let them do what they want.

    1. Thanks for commenting :)

      >>well, not for us Spaniards… we don’t have lyrics, so we don’t sing end of the problem xD

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that ahaha When I saw your team at the EURO 2012, I thought, “Hm… I wonder if there are words in the Spanish National Anthem…” :)

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