Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tangled In Lahm’s Tackles

Right off the bat, congratulations to everyone on Bayern‘s win over Bremen yesterday! Somewhere in the second half I remembered Jafar’s words, those of a character from Disney’s Aladdin, “Things are unraveling fast now, boy!” Bremen and Bayern got down to business, so much so that I became nervous, and that was not the case […]

Marching On: One Step At A Time

Congrats to everyone on the win against Wolfsburg! The match made a strange impression on me. It seemed everyone was in a bit of a haze. That is not to say that both teams played badly, not at all. It was as if they all were in a parallel universe. The rhythm felt weird to […]

Vogts’ Comments On Lahm

First off, a question: do you know who Berti Vogts is? For those of you who don’t know, he is a former German player who has coached Germany, Scotland, and Nigeria in the past. Nowadays, he is the head coach of the Azerbaijan National Team. Today I came across his interview in which he talks […]

Lahm’s Interview With TZ: September 24th

So, here is a new interview with Lahm. He talks about Heynckes’ rotation principle, the inside competition, and Bayern’s dominance. It looks like the interview was conducted right after the match on Saturday because Lahm refers to “today” when he talks about the game. _____________________________________________ A Sign To the Competition Mr. Lahm, Bayern has won […]

From the Faroe Islands To Valencia CF

As you know, there have been several matches over a short period of time, and I thought I would reflect upon them. For one reason or another, it seems like a good thing to do at this time. So, we made it through two qualification matches, and it was no easy ride. Before going any […]

Lahm’s Interview To TZ

Sometimes I wish Philipp would answer in one phrase so that I would have less work to do :) But I cannot deny that I am always happy to listen to him. With the CL match coming up, here is his interview to TZ. ______________________________________________________ Lahm: On Wednesday, it’s really going to get started. By […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter II – Part IV

Ready for it? You better be ’cause here we go… (Just in case, Chapter II – Part III) ______________________________________________________ I play now in the U17 of FC Bayern. I give my all for the team. After losing (0:1) the final of the German Championship in Berlin against Hertha BSC, I am sitting in the locker […]