Lahm’s Interview With TZ: September 24th

So, here is a new interview with Lahm. He talks about Heynckes’ rotation principle, the inside competition, and Bayern’s dominance. It looks like the interview was conducted right after the match on Saturday because Lahm refers to “today” when he talks about the game.


A Sign To the Competition

Mr. Lahm, Bayern has won all the matches so far? Should everyone else in the Bundesliga tremble? 

Lahm: Saying “trembling” is too much, but today was a sign to the competition, for sure. After all, it was a match between the teams that came in second and third last season. It was a top game, both had won their matches in the Champions League prior in the week. 

So, is this year going to be a walk-through for Bayern?

Lahm: No. It’s too early [in the season] to say that. Last season, we also were 5 points ahead and then gave everything away. That must not happen to us this season.

In the second half, you left Schalke no chance at all, at times they weren’t making contact with the ball for minutes. Are you surprised that it was so easy?

Lahm: When we have a good layout [plan] and everyone is moving the way they should, we can dominate any opponent. Indeed, completely dominate. Then it’s extremely hard for the opponent to get the ball. And when you’re leading 2:0, then, naturally, you have some security. Everyone was moving and wanted to have the ball. As a result, there were times when Schalke weren’t getting to it. That’s nice and demonstrates the team’s class. 

Everyone talks about Heynckes’ rotation. What’s your opinion?

Lahm: I think that’s the way it’s going to be: there is a core of players – with a few exceptions – who will always be playing, that’s normal. However, I see it as a positive thing that there will be rotation at certain positions because we still need some punches in the end of the season. Therefore, it’s good when one rotates in phases, but I don’t think the coach will often change 5 players of the line-up from one match to another.

It looks like the inside competition does the team some good.

Lahm: Yes. The best thing there is is that kind of competition. The best motivation for a team. Everyone has to prove himself over again every day, and that’s the case with us. In terms of the depth, we’re much better off than the last season. When I look at our bench, I see players who can improve our game even more, to play a decisive pass. For those who always play, it’s crucial that someone can come in, bring in some energy and change something. And that’s the case this year.

(translation ©unavis)



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