Marching On: One Step At A Time

Congrats to everyone on the win against Wolfsburg! The match made a strange impression on me. It seemed everyone was in a bit of a haze. That is not to say that both teams played badly, not at all. It was as if they all were in a parallel universe. The rhythm felt weird to me, but nevertheless I was, of course, happy that Bayern won, and Lahm made an assist to the 3rd goal. And it looked so good!


That cross was perfect, and his run was simply amazing, from one end of the field to another, as well as how he had foreseen a wonderful opportunity. Speaking of the match, here is an interview with Lahm. (The original.)


We Don’t Want To Get Down From Up There

By Mathias Frohnapfel and Christian Ortlepp

Philipp Lahm briefly looked up, then sprinted at full pace up the right flank. His cross, made on the run, landed perfectly on Mario Mandzukic who scored, what soon would be, the final goal 3:0 in the match against VfL Wolfsburg. For Lahm, it was the perfect ending to a perfect game by Bayern, the Record Champions impressed, as in earlier encounters, with a very well-organized system. In addition, Bayern conceded only two goals in the last five matches, which is particularly appealing to the defensive specialist Lahm.

In the interview to SPORT1, the National Team player talks about Munich being on a roll, the atmosphere around the team, and the prospects of a record start. 

SPORT1: Mr. Lahm, FC Bayern has had a comfort win over Wolfsburg, leaving [the opponent] with almost no chance of scoring. Why did it go so smoothly?

Lahm: We were focused and worked consistently in the defense. And once we’re leading 1:0, it is, of course, difficult to play against us.  

SPORT1: The team has been doing very well so far; in the past, however, Bayern has had early difficulties in the seasons following the major tournaments. How do you explain that?

Lahm: This time we had a different kind of preparation in comparison to other years in whicn the major tournaments took place. The vacation was a bit longer, but what is more important is the following: each and every one of us had a normal preparation, and that does the players good.

SPORT1: Bayern has won five matches in a row. Do you think Bayern can also break the record start of seven wins in a row?

Lahm: Certainly, we can do it, but first, we have a difficult away match in Bremen. Again, we have to stay focused. The fact that we have an opportunity to win also in Bremen is clear.

SPORT1: Do you know, off the cuff, who won the Bundesliga in 1995/1996 when Bayern had started with seven wins in a row?

Lahm: No.

SPORT1: Borussia Dortmund with Bayern’s current sport director Matthias Sammer.

Lahm: Then that’s a good omen for him. However, we’re not preoccupied with any statistics, we’re at the top. And we don’t want to leave.

SPORT1: Bayern is ahead of Dortmund by seven points. That’s an enormous gap, no?

Lahm: Last year, it was even eight points, and we gave everything away. That must not happen this season. We are warned, thus we must remain focused for every match.

SPORT1: As captain, do you have to warn the team against too much euphoria?

Lahm: 90 percent of the team was also there last year, they know you can’t do that much with such a lead early in the season.

This is so true! But I still found it funny :) I know I probably should not laugh, but I cannot help it. Even though it is not really there, I can almost hear sarcasm in his voice, sort of, “Oh, trust me, they remember.” :)

SPORT1: You made an assist (3:0), Mario Mandzukic scored a header. What constitutes his strength, also in conjunction with the team?

Lahm: He is someone who defends the ball very well, fights for it, and also works in the defense. In addition, he is tremendous in the air, very strong at that.

I would also add that he does not lie on the pitch for minutes on end like another colleague of his does, while the opponent is counterattacking. He gets up pretty fast and runs in the opposite direction.

SPORT1: Xherdan Shaqiri had a good game, made an assist (2:0). How important is a player like him for a team that is going to play every three days in the coming weeks?

Lahm: He’s a creative player, very flexible, has a very good technique and a good left foot. You could see it in the match against Wolfsburg; he brings a lot to the table in terms of attacking, and that does us a lot of good.

(translation ©unavis)



  1. Korean fan · · Reply

    Thank you for interview translation.
    This game’s great.

    1. You’re very welcome! ;)

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