World Cup 2014 Qualifiers: Germany vs. Sweden

I am sure that many of you watched the match against Sweden. After the first half, I could hardly imagine that I would finish watching the game by simply repeating to myself, “Why? Oh no…” This post will probably be one of the shortest. I am a “glass half full” person. For those of you who are not familiar with the expression, it basically means that I am more inclined to find something positive than negative even if a situation is not that good. Taking into consideration the past three months, I feel like there has not been a moment of silence. People have been pushing, pushing, pressuring, pressuring, pulling in different directions, and I, along with the team, am craving for some peace and quiet!

Hence, the bullet points:

  • No, I do not believe that the media’s bashing and criticism somehow helps the team to become stronger. I am not against criticism. I am against “vulturing”. (Yes, I did invent this word.)
  • Saying that this coach is a joke is a sign of disrespect. At the least.
  • I do not understand how it’s the coach’s fault that Holger and Manuel messed up. They’ve had good games too. Besides, Hummels, whom everyone is so eager to see in the starting line up because Holger is, supposedly, a piece of c**p, started playing well only at the EURO 2012. Before that, he had had some pretty weak performances.
  • I do not understand what leadership has to do with individual mistakes, which was the case here.
  • There were plenty of stellar moments throughout the match. Learn and move on.

The match was very entertaining though. I did not notice time flying by. Sweden did a very good job.

Now to Lahm’s performance. I thought it was a very good one. Solid in defense, helped to score the first goal. At some point, it seemed he was not going forward as much as I would like him to, but perhaps, I just did not pay enough attention. There were times when he was completely alone on the left side, and I was hoping somebody would see that and pass the ball to him. That did not happen. The absolute highlight for me was, of course, Lahm’s tackle that left the Swedish striker without the ball. Oh, the deliciousness of Lahm’s tackles! 

I also like how Lahm and Reus linked up. Finally, Lahm’s yellow card was a joke. Wasting time, really?

To sum up, a quote from SZ:

Hasn’t Joachim Löw recently claimed that he couldn’t find a left-back? As the debatable Schmelzer was out because of the injury, there is suddenly one, by the name of Philipp Lahm, at that position, who behaved as if he had played this role before. Initiated 1:0. Harmonized well with his teammate from Dortmund in front. Defensively focused and agile, as he stopped the Swede’s (Ibrahimovic’s) run in the 70th minute. May come back. (my translation)

Climbing up, people, climbing up. There is no ‘up’ without a ‘down’.

As a final remark, I would like to ask for some help in translating Lahm’s interview on the official DFB website. It came out yesterday before the game, but unfortunately, I had/have no time to deal with it. If any of you could help out, I would really appreciate it. I would give you credit and all.


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