Happy Birthday!

Well, well… It has been a long time, hasn’t it? And what can be better than to make an entrance by wishing a Happy Birthday?

Thus, without further ado…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to the one and only PHILIPP LAHM!

Dear Philipp, I am wishing that your year is filled with friends and fun! I wish you luck, happiness and riches, but, above all, may you be healthy!

Frankly, there are no words to express my admiration for this person. To me, he represents not only enormous talent and determination, but also calmness, inner fire, intellect and eloquence! He stays true to himself. All of that sets him apart from anyone else. Surely, some may say that he has not won any big titles yet. Well, if football had been an individual sport, I am sure he would have done so by now. To me, he is already a legend for what he has been bringing to the sport, for the person he is.

In fact, I am very interested in hearing about what Lahm represents to you, my readers and lurkers, and share a sentence or two.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone will join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday! And guess what? Lahm rules. As always.



  1. I also want to send all best wishes to Lahm in his birthday :D

    1. Hi :)

      Thanks! :) I’m sure he would be happy to know that so many people wished him a Happy Birthday :)

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