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Philipp Lahm: About the Year of 2012

And here is the second part of the TZ interview. In it, Lahm talks about the lost Champions League Finale, the current season, and the life of his young family. I wonder if people will ever stop asking about the Champions League Finale… Anyhow, here we go… __________________________________________________________________ Interview: Jan Janssen, Michael Knippenkötter Mr. Lahm, […]

Philipp Lahm On the Subject of Fan Culture

I read a critique after today’s match, in which they talked about Lahm’s relationship with the fans and whatnot. Frankly, I was confused since I had no idea whatsoever what interview they were referring to. However, now I know: the new interview to TZ. To say that it is huge would be a great understatement. […]

Lahm’s Interview To Eurosport

Well,  I guess Lahm must have read my previous post because he gave an interview :) Thanks again, Philipp, for not doing so while I was busy! Alright, here it is… As I understand, it was conducted after the match against Augsburg. Happy reading! _________________________________________________________ Lahm: “Our squad is complete” By Daniel Rathjen In the […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter III – Part I

Long time no see, my dear readers… But here I am again. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Lahm for not giving any major and very interesting interviews while I was immersed in life’s busy craziness, otherwise I would have had a hard time. However, since that has been the case, today’s post […]