Lahm’s Interview To Eurosport

Well,  I guess Lahm must have read my previous post because he gave an interview :) Thanks again, Philipp, for not doing so while I was busy!

Alright, here it is… As I understand, it was conducted after the match against Augsburg. Happy reading!


Lahm: “Our squad is complete”

By Daniel Rathjen

In the interview, the captain speaks about Bayern’s true strength this season. At the same time, he raves about Mario Gomez. Still, he mentions things that are not going that well and warns about the winter break.

Mr. Lahm, FC Bayern stays solitary at the top. How do you rate this match day and other results?

Lahm: We look only at ourselves. In Augsburg, we did our job. It was a difficult challenge, and the pitch wasn’t that good either. But in such situations, it’s simply important to take three points. That we accomplished. The fact that the competition [my note: other teams] makes a blunder is, of course, also not that wrong.

Overall, no one can stop FC Bayern?

Lahm: Actually, it can probably be just us. We have to stay focused and deliver a [good] performance every week, which we have done so far very well. So it can go on. 

In addition, the goal difference 43:6 is impressive…

Lahm: 6 conceded goals after 16 matches is, of course, very good. We have always emphasized that this year we’d move the defensive work to the front. Against Augsburg, for a long time, it didn’t look as good as we had been working. We allowed the opponent some freedom, for counterattacks as well. Only in the second half we got a better grip [on the situation].

What made it difficult?

Lahm: We had to work hard, besides the ball kept on going in random directions on the pitch. [my note: he means that it was jumping on the pitch in weird and unexpected patterns since the pitch was rather bad] Overall, we didn’t play as well as usual, especially, as I’ve mentioned earlier, in the opposite direction. Thomas Müller’s goal scored from a penalty played, of course, to our advantage.

Is the workload because of the English week becoming noticeable?

Lahm: Every now and then it happens that you’re not focused. That was the case on Saturday. The important thing is to win a match anyway.

Thus, is FC Bayern playing in the league of its own?

Lahm: There is a comfortable point difference from the second place. We have to concentrate on ourselves, we must not get into the same crisis as it was the case last season. It is vital to also immediately be on course in the second half of the season. The opponents must sense right away that they won’t be able to get close.

Mario Gomez keeps on gaining the momentum. How important is he for the team?

Lahm: The goal he scored against Augsburg simply showed his full strength. He plays the ball and then goes in deeper. His finishing touch, with the right leg or with the left, is sensational. In addition, his goal was decisive for us because the game was done after that.

Is he the first choice?

Lahm: Mario Mandzukic has done his job very well, also Claudio Pizarro has already scored. We have very good strikers, which is important. We are still in three competitions, so we need many players. Also, one has to clearly state that it’s not only about the A-team, but it’s about the whole squad. And this season our squad is complete. Everyone steps it up and gives it his all during training. That’s how success comes. It also allows those who often play to take a breather.

On December 12th, the DFL will release the document pertaining to security. Fans have already protested with their “moment of silence” many times. What has the experience been like for you?

Lahm: It’s a strange feeling since we’re used to a good atmosphere in every packed stadium at which we play. But I believe that’s how it is for everyone. It’s not up to players to say something on this topic. There are others racking their brains over it, and I hope that the best solution will be found.

translation © unavis



  1. Hello! I love your translation that so clear. May I translate this interview to Chinese and post it on an BBS? ( I will put the link to the original and of course yours. Thank you!

    1. Hi ;)

      Yes, you may :)

      1. Thank you !Really appreciate your kindness!

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