Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lahm’s Interview: Post-Dortmund

What a game that was! I was, indeed, nervous, although some people told me to relax and breathe. There were no words to describe my joy after the final whistle. A huge relief.  After the match, Thorsten Langenbahn conducted an interview with Philipp for the, asking about the match itself, as well as discussing […]

Germany vs. France: A friendly

So, today was the friendly between Germany and France. I have to admit that, although I had been looking forward to it, I was not very excited about it. After all, it was supposed to be just a friendly, and we all know how Germany plays in friendlies. I am glad to say I was […]

From Me To You: Thanks

Dear readers, Today is this blog’s 2-year anniversary, and I would like to thank you for your support. It is somewhat surreal to think that it has already been two years since I started writing about Lahm, which was in the era of Louis van Gaal and the media’s madness. Writing about Philipp has been […]