Lahm’s Interview: Post-Dortmund

What a game that was! I was, indeed, nervous, although some people told me to relax and breathe. There were no words to describe my joy after the final whistle. A huge relief. 

After the match, Thorsten Langenbahn conducted an interview with Philipp for the, asking about the match itself, as well as discussing how things are in other competitions.

[…] An impressive record, which is also due to the strong performance of the right back, Philipp Lahm. The captain of FC Bayern and the German National Team delivered another flawless performance against Borussia Dortmund. (my translation)

I am not going to argue with that!


“We Want the Titel” Mr. Lahm, how important was this victory against Borussia Dortmund for the morale?

Philipp Lahm: Not that dramatic. The important thing is that we are through to the next round. The [this] victory wouldn’t help us if we got defeated in the semi-final. Now we want to win the title. We’ve said it before the beginning of this season that it’s only about Dortmund because they are a good team. This time, thank God, we won. It can go on like this for us.

Cool as a cucumber. I get it. What made the difference?

Lahm: We played the way we wanted to. We didn’t allow too many scoring opportunities, demonstrated that there’s a lot of quality in our attack and played in the clear-cut manner. It was a bit upsetting that we took the lead late and didn’t score another one. Hence, we had to tremble till the end, even though we hardly allowed any scoring chances. Does one have to provoke Arjen Robben just enough so that it results in a goal like the one today just before the break?

Lahm: We only need to recall the way he’s played for two years in all the competitions. One doesn’t need to provoke Arjen. But I believe that he wanted to show that to every single person in the stadium this evening. So he did. After six competitive matches without a win against Dortmund, the series of defeats is over. Are you relieved?

Lahm: The Super Cup is also a competitive game, and we won that one as well. Now we did it again. That’s, of course, nice. However, as mentioned before, we have to reach the final. And in order to win the title, we have to deliver a [good] performance two more times. Was this victory in the quarterfinal a compensation for the humiliating defeat (2:5) in the final last year?

Lahm: No. That was a final, and one can’t make up for it. We lost that title. Uli Hoeneß said that Bayern’s domination in the German football had been restored. Is he right?

Lahm: He must know, and so do we. We’re the clear leaders with a gigantic lead in the Bundesliga, and now we knocked the winner of last year’s German Cup out of the competition. We’re right on target. Does this victory give the team even more confidence than they’ve had before?

Lahm: I don’t think so. The team has had enough confidence over the past few months and has demonstrated it in all the competitions. In your opinion, what are the chances of winning the treble this season?

Lahm: In the Bundesliga, things are looking pretty good, and now the same goes for the German Cup; in the Champions League, there’s still a long way. We still have a few months ahead of us and take it one game at a time. We’ve managed that very well in recent weeks. Why is the defense so unbelievably strong at the present time?

Lahm: We’ve worked a lot on it and have often mentioned that everyone must help out. We’ve been doing a superb job at it this season, not only the back four and the goalkeeper, but the entire team. It’s working out the way we’ve imagined it to.

[I can answer that. It is because Lahm talked so much about the importance of defense in 2011 that they decided to start working on it so that he would stop talking about it.] Was it also exemplary how Mario Mandzukic, as a centre forward, constantly attacked Dortmund’s defense?

Lahm: Yes, absolutely. We know how important Mandzu is for our team at the moment. He works a lot, defensively as well. But we also know what it means to have two players like Mario Gomez and Claudio Pizarro. Both are eager to play, and you could see it last weekend when Mario scored two goals. We simply have a complete squad in which everyone is at the team’s servic. We’re well into the season. How are things in terms of stamina, especially with regard to Sunday’s match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim?

Lahm: We’re in top shape. In recent matches, we’ve had an advantage of taking an extra day to pause. We’ve benefited from it. What can currently stop Bayern?

Lahm: If we continue to play at this level [my note: the way they have been playing so far], it’s very difficult to defeat us. However, we must deliver a [good] performance time and time again. So far, we’ve managed that very well, but that can always change very quickly. Is this the best Bayern-team you have played in?

Lahm: That I can answer only at the end of the season. Nevertheless, things are looking very, very good at the moment.

[This question is a play on words, so to speak, because Lahm has said before that the current National Team is the best National Team in which he has played.]

(translation ©unavis)


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