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Simply Because…

… I just do not know what to say. No words, only emotions. (At least he got it back once this time around.) Baby steps, baby steps… Andi, please say something good about this one because I am at a loss for words this time. Advertisements

Lahm in Interview with the Editor Steffen Lüdeke

Just this morning I thought about how much it must suck to always have your squad fluctuate when it comes to who is in it. I mean, the National Team meets once in a blue moon, and even then someone might be unavailable for one reason or another. That definitely puts the preparation period before […]

Talking tackles

Some time ago I came across an article about the ways in which defending evolves in football. The author, Christian Spiller, mentions how it functioned many years ago, emphasizing that, as it transforms, defending changes the game itself. In particular, nowadays it is about taking fewer risks and doing fewer hard (sliding) tackles. The bottom […]

Lahm and Kroos: A Tale of…

… not paying attention… misunderstanding… not being able to figure out what your teammate wants from you. Take your pick. I made some .gif images from yesterday’s match to illustrate my point and once again express my frustration. These are two instances from just one match, and believe me when I say that there have […]

When A Valerian Root Capsule Needed

A long time ago, I realized that when Lahm does certain things, it is because everything is not going the way it’s supposed to. Every time he does them, it indicates that a certain match is going to be difficult or already is. But more about that later. Today’s game was one of those instances […]

Lahm’s Interview To “Welt am Sonntag”

I am happy to share with you all this interview that Lahm gave to Welt am Sonntag. In my opinion, it really is one of the most well-conducted interviews that I have read. I believe it has everything: some serious and not so serious questions about football, as well as somewhat personal ones. The questions […]