When A Valerian Root Capsule Needed

A long time ago, I realized that when Lahm does certain things, it is because everything is not going the way it’s supposed to. Every time he does them, it indicates that a certain match is going to be difficult or already is. But more about that later.

Today’s game was one of those instances after which people, who see me cheering and worrying, begin to think it is a very bad idea for me to be so involved. They start saying things like ‘it’s just a game’, ‘those players aren’t your friends’, etc. I find it difficult to explain to a non-fan why we, fans, are the way we are. Perhaps, Bayern’s own slogan – Mia San Mia – would be the best route to take in such debates. In the end, I was, indeed, getting ready to call everyone I know to complain about the fact that my team sometimes lacks that bit of luck they desperately need. Today’s match was too Finale-2012 for me in terms of the number of chances and too Inter-2011 with regard to how close we were to not getting through. But we did, and by ‘we’ I mean us, the fans, because the team showed up half-asleep.

From what I have heard, in his post-match interview Robben mentioned that one has to fight harder. Well, I would add one more thing to his statement: one also has to score when he is in one-on-one situation.

The whole idea of scoring a goal brings me back to the first sentence of this post. Whenever Lahm tries to score, starts playing as CAM, sort of becoming a forward, while making sure he does his defensive duties, one thing is clear: the match is not going well for whatever reason. If I remember correctly, he tried twice to score; then he got a yellow card for a tactical foul – wait for it – in the middle of the field, being some kind of midfielder. (By the way, I remember people complaining that at times a captain must get a yellow card if it’s needed and is going to help his team. Well, today’s card belongs to that category. People, please remember it.)

However, what this extreme multitasking also shows is that Lahm rises to the occasion. Just like he did in the final of the German Cup last year. Just like he did in the Champions League Final last year. He wants that title and wants it really bad. Though I wish he would not give passes to Toni Kroos. The latter just cannot read Lahm’s Intentions, or perhaps there is another problem, but the fact of the matter is that Lahm never gets the ball back once he gives it Kroos.

Also, there was a moment when Lahm was waiting in the penalty area to get the ball, and the person who was supposed to supply it did so by kicking it through the air. I am not sure if everyone got the memo, but Lahm is 1m 70cm. Was he expected to jump to get that one? Sure, I know he has won air duels on more than one occasion. However, when all the defenders, including the very tall ones, from the opposing team is in their penalty area, getting ready to kick the ball out, passing it to Lahm through the air might not be the best way to go. (I might need to re-watch that episode).

I am concluding this post with the excerpt from the SZ:

[Philipp Lahm] warned before the game that Bayern should play as if it were “0:0”. Also, [he] didn’t want to be “asleep” in the first minutes. Thus, [he] was present on the pitch on time and started the game as one knows Philipp Lahm would. By now, he’s earned himself a photo next to the lexical entries “textbook way”, “exemplary”, and “disciplined”. (my translation)

I find it somewhat ironic that Bayern did not quite start playing as if it were “o:o” and that they were, indeed, asleep in the first minutes. (And damn you, the slippery pitch!) But I also love the author’s way of describing Lahm’s way of playing. It is like opening a dictionary and seeing his picture next to those three words.

In today’s match, we, no doubt, slipped and shook. I believe it is better to do it now than later. 



  1. - ezralyte · · Reply

    I’m afraid to watch this mess but: That is the reason I think Lahm does indeed deserve to be both the captain of Bayern and the NT. Few other players would be able to step in on so many places and continue to have a cool head!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment!

      Well, now that you know the result, I think it wouldn’t be as scary to watch as it was in real time. So, do it! :)

      1. Anotheridealist · · Reply

        I had my head in my hands for the majority of the game, but I too thought Lahm played extremely well.

        However, I do wish that he would take the chance and shoot more. It is clear that his shot is not the best, but in some instances it would be better to seize the opportunity rather than attempting to pass to a Robben on the left side of the pitch (of course it would be a wasted opportunity seeing that Robben doesn’t own a right foot.) Lahm has taken more in the last few games, and I have noticed that it has led to good things.

        His movement around the field shows how involved he is, and I agree with what you said about his acting in a midfield position. His passion to make a difference in the game and for the team is there for sure, and it may be hard to see it sometimes, but he makes it count.

        I am not sure what could have been done to turn the game around, but I wish something had been done because it left a sour taste in my mouth. At the very least we can enjoy the fact that we are into the next round!

        Sorry for the lengthy reply :) I love this blog and get excited whenever there is a new post. Keep up the good work!

        1. Hi :)

          Thank you for leaving a comment! (And don’t even worry about the length, it’s great ;) ) Thank you for your kind words.

          Me too, I wish he would try to score more often. I would love it. However, every time I think about it I remember his words to his mom, i.e. “it’s not my job”. And I feel like he has a clear-cut understanding of what his primary duties are, what his secondary duties are, and with what he can help if he has the time, so to speak :) (Of course, if a situation calls for it, he’ll do anything for the team.) So, I guess I’ve gotten used to the fact that he might not try it in every single match.

          Now that I’m over my initial no-way! reaction, I think that Bayern didn’t play that badly. In fact, I re-watched the match this morning and once again marveled at how many good combinations we had. If only the shots had been more precise… But it is what it is.

  2. Anotheridealist · · Reply

    Yes, I completely understand his philosophy. but, if you are already up in the opposing six with the ball on your foot, would it hurt to try? :) of course, this is me as a viewer voicing my opinion. It is a totally different world out there for them on the field. And many fans are ignorant to that fact.
    Your “no way” description of your initial reaction is spot on! It took a few seconds for the feeling of horror to sink in but then I was fine with the situation and able to point out that we actually played a solid game. Our offense, not normally our biggest problem, was simply not on target. It’s better that such a game happen now than in the final!

    1. You made me laugh :)) Yeah, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try, that’s true. Perhaps, your thoughts will somehow reach him :)

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