Lahm in Interview with the Editor Steffen Lüdeke

Just this morning I thought about how much it must suck to always have your squad fluctuate when it comes to who is in it. I mean, the National Team meets once in a blue moon, and even then someone might be unavailable for one reason or another. That definitely puts the preparation period before the tournament into perspective, doesn’t it?

Anyway, the international matches are coming up, and there is a new interview with Lahm for the There is already a translation in English, so enjoy! (The link leads to it.)

I could not help but comment on a couple of things. Why are you so fascinated by Snooker?

Lahm: It is very strategic. You don’t just think about how to get the ball into the pocket, but also consider the scene after your action. You have to play foresightedly. In one way Snooker [sic] is also brutal. You have to strive for the maximum of perfection, because every mistake is punished with a loss of frame. No situation is like another and every hit is challenging. I find this challenge quite tempting. Different than in football…

Lahm: Why? You said that there is not a lot more new to come in football. Because you often played as right or left defender and know most of the situations…

Lahm: That is right. I have played on the position of the left or the right defender for so many years. I think that I have the position under control. That allows me to influence the structure of the team.

I believe that every self-respecting fan of Lahm should be able to answer the first question without even waiting for Lahm’s reply. Of course, it is because of how strategic snooker is. He has mentioned on numerous occasions before that he likes to learn about tactics and strategies. So, it is rather obvious why he likes this particular sport. (Same goes for liking the math: no wonder he was good at it.)

Also, to me, Lahm seems almost clueless when the interviewer comments on how it is different from football. I get a feeling that in his mind there are similarities between the two. I, for one, definitely understand where Lahm is coming from. In football, just like in snooker, you have to play foresightedly, but you do that in preparation when planning out the tactical aspect. And I imagine one does it during the match itself as well. The difference is that you play for yourself in snooker and count only on yourself, whereas in football there are 10 more people on the field. Plus, there are 11 more players on the opposite team. That circumstance negates the fact that you, yourself, know everything there is to know about your position. Besides, in football too, one has to strive for the maximum of perfection.

And there is another quote that I really like. The next tournament is the World Cup in 2014. Germany is not qualified yet. Do you fear that the last game against Sweden could settle the group winner?

Lahm: It is not in our hand to prevent that. If Sweden wins all their games, it would be the case. But I don’t fear anything. Elimination games are always interesting; I see them as a challenge. […]

This is one of the things for which Lahm is known. I,  personally, always found this quality to be very inspirational. The idea of knowing that you will do what you have to do, that you will do the best you can, that you will be honest with yourself about it, and in its turn, that will hopefully lead you to not being afraid of the task ahead. This reminds me of the words SZ wrote after the match against Italy, namely that Lahm was one of the three players who were not afraid of the Italians. In addition, I notice that once again he mentions the notion of a challenge. He seems to be quite fond of challenging himself. 

That said, if you have any thoughts on the interview and would like to share them, please feel free to do so.


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