I would like to clarify something for those who are looking for pictures of Lahm’s son. I have noticed that people are eager to know the details. Unless some paparazzi takes a picture, which I hope won’t happen, or Lahm decides to show him to the world, you won’t find anything. He is very protective of his privacy. After his son had been born, there was an article – I am going to paraphrase here – that talked about just that: in particular, the author pointed out that we knew the event had taken place + the name, and that was it because it is quite Lahm-like. No more, no less.

He understands perfectly well that the fans want to know things like that and finds it natural. However, he does not want to share too much. He has found a happy medium.

So, those who are interested will have to wait till he is ready to share.


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