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When Lahm Is Compared With Merkel

I have to say that I expected so much more. Many of you have probably read the recent article in which the author compares Lahm with Merkel. Usually, I am very interested in such comparisons, drawing parallels, etc., so I would most certainly talk about it in one of my posts. However, I found this […]

Lahm’s Interview to Champions Matchday Magazine

Here it is. (You can buy your copy of the magazine at UEFA’s official website.) For some reason, while reading, I got a feeling that he was very excited when answering questions. Enjoy! (On a side note, I am not posting the other half of it because it’s only his picture with the Champions League […]

Down the Memory Lane

Following Bayern’s win in the DBF-Cup, Andreas Hinkel, Lahm’s former teammate, wrote (read: dictated) an article for Der Tagesspiegel, reminiscing about the good old days in Stuttgart and talking about our right-back, who was, of course, not ours at the moment. Before diving into it, I’d like to mention that, according to the jury of […]

Lahm’s Take on the DFB-Pokal and Bayern’s Future

Here is the third commentary he  contributed to Spiegel Online. I am assuming that it was written on June 3rd but published today, on June 4th. This feels sort of sad because it really means that this season is over. It means closing one chapter and opening another one, but for me, it has been […]

Lahm’s Interview to Bild : The Locker Room Confessions

I wonder if Bild was thinking about Confessions of a Shopaholic when they came up with the title of this interview. Sensationalist much? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the article, thus I’d like to share it with you all. Happy reading! _________________________________________________________________ By Felix Seidel He has just experienced the best three weeks of his career. No […]