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Lahm And The Midfield

A big thank you to ezralahm for bringing this article to my attention. And just to make sure that everyone’s read it, here is the link. Philipp Lahm’s Midfield Shift Shows His Understated Quality by Tim Palmer (If I really wanted for it to be precise, as I like it, I would point out that […]

Lahm’s Take On The Issue of Doping

I have not been following the debate, so I am not sure about all the why’s, where’s , when’s, etc. In short, I would not be able to tell why, apart from the elections, it seems to be such a hot topic in Germany at the moment. If anyone has any input, I would appreciate […]

Uli Hesse’s Commentary On Lahm

I am starting to think that somehow I have gotten used to the fact that articles like this one are seldom. This is quite an interesting read, and it is even more fascinating to read people’s comments. I’ll let you be the judge. (Thanks to KateL for bringing this article to my attention.) Hesse’s Commentary […]

Lahm’s Hundred And The Media (Part II)

(Continuing) But there were some passages that I liked in various articles for one reason or another. For example, It looks like he can’t take any more of this talk about himself, which doesn’t speak against him. (The source) The article in Spiegel was an interesting one, too. One of Munich’s newspapers, Abendzeitung, asked his […]

Lahm’s Hundred And The Media (Part I)

Initially, I had been planning on writing this post prior to the match last Friday, but, as you can gather, that did not happen. As part of the celebration, many articles had been written, and I took a look at as many of them as possible, paying attention to what people thought was worth of […]

His Mother’s Take

I assume some of you have already seen an interview with Lahm’s mother, published in Abendzeitung. I find it to be quite nice, so I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. The only thing that left me wondering was the picture they used. I mean, I have seen it on […]

Lahm’s Interview To “It’s a magnificent milestone”

If you haven’t already read this one, make sure you do :) It has already been translated, hence I’m giving just the link: