Lahm’s Interview To “It’s a magnificent milestone”

If you haven’t already read this one, make sure you do :) It has already been translated, hence I’m giving just the link:



  1. thank you for posting the article. i always waiting for lahm to accomplish his 100 caps. Podolski reach it first, i think because in 2005 Lahm suffered a very long injured that cost him a whole year absence from National team. but he never absence afterwards (unless the coach think that he needs to save his energy for a bigger match or his baby’s born ).

    anyhow, in another interview Loew praised lahm that his strength of leadership is reliable and communicative. this is the thing that probably missed from previous captain. not that i critique the previous captain , but i think Lahm appreciate communication more than the other previous captain (because being reliable is also the strength of the other previous captain especially Kahn, Matthaus or Ballack).

    I love how Ribbery said that in Bayern they never doubt about themselves. loose or win, they wouldnt blame themselves and instead trying harder the next year. i think this is, more or less, thanks to Lahm. I never see him doubting his players, or doubting himself, or blame the players when they made mistake. upset for sure, but what is the point blame the result to one or two players. In every pers conference he always make sure to say that all the players are the best that needs by the team. this is what a captain should do. no need to say that they need this kind of player or that kind of players..what they need is there, its just how they achieves it in the field.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment! ;)

      Oh, I agree. He definitely does believe communication is important, as well as making people integrate easily. And it comes from his personal experience in 2004, which he describes in the book.

      I also agree on your point about doubts. I have been reading, writing, watching and translating a ton of material about him, and at one point I realized that he does have a great deal of faith in his teammates. The conviction with which he always speaks about his team is amazing, and it didn’t just start two or three years ago.

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