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I assume some of you have already seen an interview with Lahm’s mother, published in Abendzeitung. I find it to be quite nice, so I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. The only thing that left me wondering was the picture they used. I mean, I have seen it on more than one occasion now, and I bet it is the only one they got :)


Lahm’s Mother: “Absolutely confident, even when changing diapers”

By Patrick Strasser

Philipp Lahm is about to make his 100th appearance for the National Team on Friday in the match against Austria. In this interview, his mother, Daniela, talks about family, young Julian, rituals… and football.

AZ: Mrs. Lahm, an anniversary is coming up. Your son Philipp is about to make his 100th appearance for the National Team in the qualification match against Austria on Friday. 

Daniela Lahm: You know what? The funny thing is that I’ve learned about it from a newspaper. I haven’t recently spoken with him about it at all because he hasn’t mentioned it. When we do talk, it’s about the family. But I know what he’s thinking: “Man, how fast the time has passed…”

AZ: Philipp Lahm’s first international match took place on February 18th, 2004, in Split, Croatia. From that team, there’s only Miroslav Klose who is still around.

Daniela Lahm: Oh well.., but I can assure you that, as a mother, I’m still as proud of him as I was when he debuted. Of course, we’re going to the Allianz Arena on Friday, and, as always, we’re getting four tickets. I hope so! Philipp will work it out, but even the captain of the National Team doesn’t get more than that. It isn’t still clear who’s going. My husband and I, Philipp’s wife Claudia wants to go too, we’ll see how it works out. 

AZ: Do you call each other before the games such as the one on Friday?

Daniela Lahm: Not on the day of the match, we write text messages, always the same one. [I write] a short and sweet, “Alles Gute!” He replies, “Merci!” When Philipp is at home with us, we hardly talk about football, that’s not a topic for a conversation, but much more about his sister, Melanie, and the family. Thus, at home it’s his perfect world, that helps him to relax.

AZ: You were born in Munich. Hence, the match against Austria must be something special for your family?

Daniela Lahm: Why yes! One must just win against Austria, no question. I always say, “Let the Austrians be successful at skiing, they’re better at it anyway, and us at football!”

AZ: In August of 2012, your son became a father: his son Julian was born.

Daniela Lahm: That was the best thing ever! Better than the treble. Julian is growing up and thriving, is healthy, and everyone is happy. And I believe it goes together: only when everything is right at home, one can play as great as Philipp.

AZ: So, how’s he at being a father?

Daniela Lahm: He does it with absolute confidence, excellent, even when changing diapers. For a mother, it’s strange to see that because your son always stays a little boy. And yet, he’s a grown-up man, which is something that a mother often doesn’t see.

AZ: First, he became a father, then the treble winner, now the 100th match. What’s next in Philipp’s career?

Daniela Lahm: Now he wants to win the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, that’s clear. All of us really wanted for the Champions League title to work out, the pressure was always increasing. One doesn’t get younger, neither does Philipp. He doesn’t owe it to me to win anything, but I’m happy for him.

AZ: You also got a title in May.

Daniela Lahm: (laughs) Yes, that’s right. I told everyone they shouldn’t call me “the captain’s mom” anymore, but, instead, “the treble winner’s mom”. It worked only for two days. But as a mother, you’re pleased with every child, that’s obvious.

Your daughter Melanie works as a juvenile police officer and is responsible for the Neuhausen county (district).

Daniela Lahm: That’s very convenient for our club, FT Gern. Kids know that they can’t misbehave in our neighborhood. Otherwise, they’ll have to deal with me at the club and with Melanie outside of it. (laughs) And I’m also as proud of her daughter, who’s now two years old, as I am of Julian. The family carries on. As parents, you want your kids to be, above all, happy.

(© translation unavis)


It’s sorta neat that Lahm’s son and Melanie’s daughter are just one year apart.



  1. This is really cute. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading! ;)

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