Lahm’s Hundred And The Media (Part II)


But there were some passages that I liked in various articles for one reason or another. For example,

It looks like he can’t take any more of this talk about himself, which doesn’t speak against him. (The source)

The article in Spiegel was an interesting one, too.

One of Munich’s newspapers, Abendzeitung, asked his mother, and she sang praises to her son’s ability to change diapers. If Lahm does something, he just does it perfectly. 

[Speaking of Guardiola’s quote] He might have added that he is also one of the most determined football players he knows. The Munich’s native always knows what he wants. It’s that point-by-point accuracy that has allowed the football player Philipp Lahm to have such an outstanding career.

Commentary: this is actually something that Lahm emphasizes in the first two chapters of his book, so the author isn’t that far from the truth.

[Still from Spiegel] Who has witnessed Lahm in public, sees the prototype of a modern football player. Obliging in dealing with, friendly in tone, eloquent, without stepping too much out of the line in terms of content, sometimes balancing on the borderline with his words. […] Lahm, the Chief Diplomat of the German Football League.

At school, one would call someone like that a nerd. But Lahm is much more than that.

Commentary: that balancing of words is so difficult. One’s got to have the brains to do that.

Then the author points out that Lahm can play anywhere with the same result: from solid to absolutely confident. He continues:

That hasn’t always been the case. Yet, he wasn’t criticized when he played badly, that also belongs to the “Philipp Lahm” phenomenon.

Commentary: that isn’t exactly true, he has been criticized, but I think that the idea behind this statement is quite clear.

With regard to diplomacy, Sportschau wrote:

He speaks a lot and, mostly, as a diplomat.

[Speaking of some typical sentences] Those are two typical sentences from Lahm. Such phrases have painted the picture of a friendly diplomat, of a class speaker who’s eager for harmony. Many find that boring; his mother says, “We’re incredibly proud of how he manages that. Before that, he had been hardly saying anything. Sometimes we have a feeling that he’s been saving all the words for today.”

Commentary: as I have already mentioned, it all goes back to the typical questions. Frankly, he’s not there to amuse people.

As to the rest, well.., Lahm is very to-the-point and quite business-like, in my opinion. No bulls**t kind of person. Thus, his answers reflect that. In other words, he can answer – and has done so – with a single word, that is not a problem for him, and can be very precise. But he did mention once that people told him to say some more. Otherwise, his press conferences would be very short :) I, for one, have never thought he does not say enough, whether it’s just one word or several phrases.

Besides, when he started his career, he was not exactly in a position to talk and talk. At least, that’s how I view it.

Some articles also evoked Lahm’s tendency to speak his mind and to always have his own opinion on various matters. (Naturally, every time the SZ interview from 2009 gets pointed to.)

As a closure, this quote:

[The author pondering about Guardiola’s words] It’s not only Lahm’s intelligence. It’s his flexibility, his indomitable obedience and his aspiration. In Guardiola’s new system, he plays in midfield without complaints. Furthermore, he’s great at goal assisting and has a splendid technical ability, resolving difficult situations playfully. […] But there’s still a problem. Lahm won’t ascend to Olympus, like Ronaldo or Messi, because of his position as a defender. Due to that, the secret ruler is rarely in the spotlight. Lahm is rather like the Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he admires for her football expertise. Hardworking, cautious, and powerful.

That being said, congrats on your 100 international caps, Philipp! Keep it up!

(and this is my 200th post! Woohoo!)



  1. Congrats on the 200th post! I love your dedication and am always excited whenever a new blog post shows up on my feed :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words! ^.^ I appreciate it.

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