Happy 30th Birthday!

It’s this time of year! I wish Lahm the best of everything! May all his dreams come true! Although taking into consideration that which he says in his book, this seems to be a rather inappropriate way of congratulating him: it’s better to say this… Philipp, may all your goals be achieved! Supporting you all the way :)

To everyone else, if you haven’t yet read Hermann Gerland’s letter to Lahm on the official website, do it! It’s here. (In English.)

And let’s celebrate!



  1. hello..
    i just read the issue about Bayern tactic leak to the pers, and what made me upset the most was there was a poll about who’s the mole, and Lahm got the most vote (alongside Goetze) They said the reason because Philipp has close relationship with Bild and even invited them to his wedding.

    I hope this is not true, because i dont think Philipp want the tactic to be ruined. and he’s the captain, why would he do that ? Even his interview is always sound intelectual and smart, never leak anything that is behind the door.

    His book that people made suspicious about him didnt even talked about what happened in the dressing room or his relationship the coach or another players. he mostly talked about his experience.
    what do you think? why people accused him being the mole ?

    1. Hi!

      It’s interesting that you commented on this matter because I just made a post about it :)

      They accuse him because he gives interviews to “Bild”, they accuse him because they really want to expose him and dance on his grave. This is not the first time he gets accused of s**t.

      While doing so, they forget to think about the purpose of such a deed: what would be the point? It doesn’t make sense.

      (And I’m not even talking about the fact that people completely forget about his love for his team and club.)

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