Rumor Has It

After debating whether I should comment on this issue, here I am. No doubt, many of you have already heard that it seems like someone from the team leaked Bayern‘s tactics for the match against Dortmund to “Bild”. Of course, some believe Lahm did it because – and I quote – “everyone knows he’s Bild’s informer”.

Everyone knows… An interesting phrase. I can tell you what everyone knows: everyone knows that people tend to make anything clean dirty; everyone knows people crave for finding at least something that would permit them to say, “You, son of a…”; everyone knows that rumors fuel our lives.

And if you believe that he would do something like that to his team and his club, at least give his IQ some credit and don’t insult it with this “knowledge”.



  1. Lahm is probably the last person in the whole squad that I would suspect of leaking the information. Though, to tell you the truth, I can’t really picture anyone on the squad doing it. Why would they? What sense does it make to give away their tactics?

    1. Hi :)

      To tell you the truth, I don’t understand the logic behind that either. That doesn’t make sense to me. I haven’t read anything on the matter because I really don’t want to go through that rubbish, so I don’t know how “Bild” presented the matter. But I wonder if “Bild” just made a well-educated guess and figured out the tactics on their own. I mean, fans do it quite often.

  2. I love and respect this gentleman. He is the best. My love to you for ever and you dont know how much love and respect your fans have for you.

  3. yes, this rumour is really upset me..especially the way they put Lahm as the mole. One said the reason was because back then in 2012 there was also a leak tactic on Germany NT. Another even said that Lahm got treated by Bild to leak his secret, therefore he gives this info as a change……The other said it must be Philipp because he stole the captaincy from Ballack….I BEG YOUR PARDON

    I mean, I dont know Philipp. But DFB know him, Bayern’s club know him, thats why he appointed as their captain. It’s because his loyalty and talent amongst of all. He doesnt have any reason at all…Why should he betrayed his club, his coach and his team..make no sense.

    the more i read the comment and their prediction about Lahm reason, the more i am getting upset about this people.

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