Bayern‘s match against Arsenal was the first one (in a while) that I had the opportunity to watch. What an intense game! There’s just something about the CL, I guess. I thought we were sloppy and at times all over the place. Frankly, as soon as Pep took over, I started to lose interest in watching this let’s-just-kick-the-ball-around routine. So, I watched only one half or several minutes of every match. (And then life got busier, hence I missed entire matches.) Lahm’s game in midfield has been wonderful, and I know he has received praise for it, which is absolutely deserving. I didn’t expect anything less of him.

But then there was this Bundesliga match against Nuremberg…

ImageImage… and I rejoiced! My happiness was so overwhelming that I had to make .gifs. I had been missing THIS so much. I almost booked my flight to Munich to beg Pep to put Lahm at RB again! This is beauty, ladies and gentlemen.

And then Lahm did play at RB against Arsenal… He looked so out of place that I was at a loss for words. Perhaps he just didn’t shift gears in time.



  1. Haloo dear,
    I’m a Lahm fan from Sri Lanka. I really like this blog and I’m willing to share my thoughts with you…If u like plz send me a email… thank you n keep writing about philipp :)

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate it :)

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