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The Subtle Difference: Chapter III – Part V

Several days ago, WordPress happily let me know that I had 50 likes on my blog. So, thank you, everyone! I really appreciate it, especially considering the fact that my niche (the subject matter) is rather narrow. Here’s the last part of the third chapter. If you need to review the previous one, you can […]

Philipp Lahm reveals: “That’s more fun than football.”

I bet the media was so happy when Lahm got back from his vacation ^^ I imagine it being almost as great as Christmas for them. In any case, here’s the interview he gave to TZ. Enjoy! (And a big ‘thank you’ to Lana for helping me out with this one.)

From Me To The Lahm-Universe

Doesn’t it seem odd that I still haven’t posted anything about Lahm’s retirement from the National Team? A bit. Well, alright. A lot. Hence, I am going to rectify the situation. I’ve taken my time…