The Captain’s Birthday

Following the tradition, a post to celebrate Lahm’s birthday. Several days ago I realized that I don’t have any adjectives to describe him: everything has been said before. What more could I add? I wish him the best! Always. I congratulate him on winning the World Cup this year. I praise him for his skills, his leadership, and his character off the pitch.

So, I think I’m going to say just this: may you be healthy and happy! You’re the one & only. The world’s greatest. Truly.



  1. Hi, how is the translation of the book going ? We cannot wait. I have to say that your translation is close to perfect. Please keep on

    1. Hi :)

      It’s not going at the moment :) I’m too busy with work and other things to write any kind of posts, not to mention translating the book.

      I hope I’ll be able to get back to it some time soon, but I can’t promise anything :)

      1. Have you contacted Lahm’s PR agent ? I think your work deserve their attention. Please send me an email if you want some help on that regard

        1. No, I haven’t contacted him/her. To be honest, the thought has never occurred to me :) But thank you for offering your help.

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