Winning the European Championship: The Work in Progress

Well, this is too bad. We can’t seem to overcome the “semi-finals” curse, yet nothing lasts forever. I am hoping for a much better display next time. Frankly, I believe we have done the best we could with what we had. At the same time, there are still things to work on, and there is no reason why we can’t lift the trophy in four years, or even get another world title in two years.

If I were to talk about negatives, the team wasn’t quiet team-y this time around, which is definitely not surprising, considering how many newbies are on it, and how many injuries there have been. Unlucky last touches, bad finishing, too. On the other hand, there was at least one positive aspect: Germany finally did beat Italy in a competitive match. That was a nerve-shaker! It reminded me of the final in 2014, and the stakes appeared to be almost as high as back then. And that great tackle by Höwedes!

Also, I won’t pretend I didn’t miss Lahm on the pitch. In my opinion, the team needed his intelligence, his skills. However, Joshua Kimmich definitely captured my attention with his performance, and I will be sure to keep an eye on him. Several days ago I came across an article that talked about the ways in which Joshua might step in to fill the gap Lahm has left. 

Kimmich isn’t Lahm, and that’s important to remember.

While I agree that is, indeed, the case, I do like what he has to bring to the table. It sure is nice to have him, as far as I can see. Our path to winning the World Cup was not all roses and butterflies, yet we did it. Here’s to getting this trophy in 2020!



  1. Nizrhane · · Reply


    My name is Nizrhane, and I am also a football fan. I admire Philipp Lahm, too! I chanced upon this blog around some years ago when Philipp’s book came out. Years later (today), I am here again and realised you haven’t continued with the translation. :( I was hoping that you’d push through (I understand translation is a tedious process).

    Nevertheless, I just want to thank you for the effort. Because of your effort, once I have a considerable knowledge of German, I will pick up the book itself and learn German off it. I am currently in Germany and am studying the language.



    1. unavis · · Reply


      Thank you very much for your comment. Life has gotten really busy for me to spend time on translating the book, although I still want to advance, make some progress in doing so.

      Hoping your studies are going well! :)

      1. Hi! Thank you for your response. :)

        Yep, I am currently struggling with learning German haha but I’m making progress. :)

        Anyway, may I ask if there’s an English translation of the book itself? Or is your translation the only one around? I’m really hoping to read Philipp’s book from cover to cover to help me learn German. :) My German tescher is astonished at the fact that I have a copy (haha I bought it just last week).

        1. unavis · · Reply

          I have no idea, to be honest with you. I started translating it because I wasn’t sure there would be an “official” translation.. At one point, one of the readers mentioned here that, if I wanted to publish it, s/he would somehow help, which was very kind of him/her. But that’s about it. :)

          1. Alright, not a problem. I shall be waiting for your upcoming translation! :)

            Thank you!

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