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Winning the European Championship: The Work in Progress

Well, this is too bad. We can’t seem to overcome the “semi-finals” curse, yet nothing lasts forever. I am hoping for a much better display next time. Frankly, I believe we have done the best we could with what we had. At the same time, there are still things to work on, and there is […]


I would like to apologize to everyone who has ever read this blog and everyone who still does read it. I am sorry I have not been very active for the past several months. There are so many things/other topics I want to write about that there’s not always enough time to do everything I […]

Lahm strikes again, and I love it

Since it’s in English, I’m just going to leave it here. Lahm’s take on the Ballon d’Or situation. It’s a good read, in my opinion. Everyone is free to disagree, but to say that he’s writing this because he’s upset? C’mon, people…

Happy Birthday, der Kapitän!

Life has been pretty busy, which is a good thing, but I couldn’t miss out on wishing Lahm, the one and only, a very Happy Birthday! True, the recent home match against Arsenal was the first game I got a chance to watch in quite some time, yet that did not and does not affect […]

Summer Camps & Football Matters

I have been trying to find out where Lahm’s summer camps are held this year. At first, I thought they would do it in three cities. (Where did I get that from? No idea.) Needless to say, I was definitely excited about the program’s expansion. Now I’m thinking that I must have misunderstood the information, […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter IV – Part II

It has been one year since die Mannschaft won the World Cup. What a glorious day that was! I vividly remember how nervous I was, how happy I was. I cannot even imagine how it would have felt if they had lost. So, cheers to the team and the staff, and to us all! I […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter IV – Part I

I have read some kind words about my translation, and I’m very grateful. I hadn’t had a lot of free time on my hands to continue translating, but last night I got back to it. However, there are going to be some changes, and I hope all of you will understand my reasons for it.