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Hannover, Nuremberg: My Two Cents

It is always great to see when people you cheer for are happy. I do not know about others, but that certainly gives me a kind of satisfaction. It is as if I, myself, won. Today is one of those days. Bayern won 4:0 against Nuremberg, a match that, according to Lahm, was different for […]

A Match, A Signing

I think that if people discovered life on Mars or Jupiter, their reaction would probably be similar to that they had after Bayern‘s match against Napoli in the Champions League on Tuesday. It would be a sort of “WHAT?” moment. I caught only the last 20 minutes of it, and even I could tell that […]

Bayern vs. Hertha Berlin: And That’s the Way I Like It

I cannot believe I am writing this post almost right after the game! *laugh* Getting caught up in my routine sometimes makes it impossible to get to writing right away. But here I am… The sun made its appearance today, and Bayern won against Hertha Berlin. I think one can definitely call it a good […]

Germany vs. Belgium: The Perfect Qualifier

Now, that the German National Team has made history by winning all ten matches, I look back at the qualification road and am rather proud to be a part of it, as I have seen all of them, even if it meant watching only last 20 minutes of a game. When people were taking about […]

Lahm’s Interview to the October Issue

I always take pleasure in reading Lahm’s interviews, and he gave one to the official DFB website yesterday. Later on, I am definitely going to comment on some of the things he says because it is so much fun. However, just for now without further due, here is the interview. ——————————- Philipp Lahm is the […]

Turkey vs. Germany: EURO 2012 Qualifiers

Watching a match of the German National Team is a perfect thing to do on a Friday. I did miss the first several minutes of the game, though, because I thought it would start later than it actually did. I wonder if seeing that would have made me more nervous. Why? Simply because I was […]

Lahm: A Press Conference In Istanbul

Every time I start a new post, it feels like meeting an old friend. *grin* One of my readers, Andi, has asked me about whether or not I would be commenting on Bayern‘s match against Manchester City, the one that took place on September 27th. And I am planning on doing that, even though it […]