Following the tradition, a post to celebrate Lahm’s birthday. Several days ago I realized that I don’t have any adjectives to describe him: everything has been said before. What more could I add? I wish him the best! Always. I congratulate him on winning the World Cup this year. I praise him for his skills, […]

Several days ago, WordPress happily let me know that I had 50 likes on my blog. So, thank you, everyone! I really appreciate it, especially considering the fact that my niche (the subject matter) is rather narrow. Here’s the last part of the third chapter. If you need to review the previous one, you can […]

I bet the media was so happy when Lahm got back from his vacation ^^ I imagine it being almost as great as Christmas for them. In any case, here’s the interview he gave to TZ. Enjoy! (And a big ‘thank you’ to Lana for helping me out with this one.)

Doesn’t it seem odd that I still haven’t posted anything about Lahm’s retirement from the National Team? A bit. Well, alright. A lot. Hence, I am going to rectify the situation. I’ve taken my time…

What a way to return to this blog! I have not abandoned it, no way, but I haven’t had enough time to write, comment, etc. And today is The Day. Naturally, I’ve watched this World Cup. I, too, felt unsure about the way Lahm played in midfield. (Frankly, I prefer his “midfield” thing at Bayern […]

Bayern‘s match against Arsenal was the first one (in a while) that I had the opportunity to watch. What an intense game! There’s just something about the CL, I guess. I thought we were sloppy and at times all over the place. Frankly, as soon as Pep took over, I started to lose interest in […]

After debating whether I should comment on this issue, here I am. No doubt, many of you have already heard that it seems like someone from the team leaked Bayern‘s tactics for the match against Dortmund to “Bild”. Of course, some believe Lahm did it because – and I quote – “everyone knows he’s Bild’s […]