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Lahm’s Interview To DFB.de: “It’s a magnificent milestone”

If you haven’t already read this one, make sure you do :) It has already been translated, hence I’m giving just the link: http://www.dfb.de/news/en/e-national-team-men/lahm-it-s-a-magnificent-milestone/46407.html Advertisements

Lahm in Interview with the Editor Steffen Lüdeke

Just this morning I thought about how much it must suck to always have your squad fluctuate when it comes to who is in it. I mean, the National Team meets once in a blue moon, and even then someone might be unavailable for one reason or another. That definitely puts the preparation period before […]

Looking At Lahm Through The Prism of Bastian Schweinsteiger’s Press Conference

Sometimes I feel I am too vulnerable to the media. Or perhaps, it is just because I care. Sometimes I think it is better to write when I just read the article, and sometimes I think I have to distance myself from it in order to calm down before writing. Today is a friendly against […]

Lahm’s Interview on the DFB.de And Some Thoughts on Style

Yesterday was the first serious match (in the German Cup) for Bayern. It is the beginning of a new season, and the DFB.de published an interview with Philipp Lahm, entitled Lahm: We Must Further Refine Our Style and conducted by the editor Steffen Lüdeke. In it, Lahm talks about a new season ahead (for Bayern) and […]