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Summer Camps & Football Matters

I have been trying to find out where Lahm’s summer camps are held this year. At first, I thought they would do it in three cities. (Where did I get that from? No idea.) Needless to say, I was definitely excited about the program’s expansion. Now I’m thinking that I must have misunderstood the information, […]

Philipp Lahm reveals: “That’s more fun than football.”

I bet the media was so happy when Lahm got back from his vacation ^^ I imagine it being almost as great as Christmas for them. In any case, here’s the interview he gave to TZ. Enjoy! (And a big ‘thank you’ to Lana for helping me out with this one.)

His Mother’s Take

I assume some of you have already seen an interview with Lahm’s mother, published in Abendzeitung. I find it to be quite nice, so I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. The only thing that left me wondering was the picture they used. I mean, I have seen it on […]

Lahm’s Interview To DFB.de: “It’s a magnificent milestone”

If you haven’t already read this one, make sure you do :) It has already been translated, hence I’m giving just the link: http://www.dfb.de/news/en/e-national-team-men/lahm-it-s-a-magnificent-milestone/46407.html

Lahm’s Interview To UEFA.com

Some of you probably already know about this, but just in case there are people who have not seen it yet.  Here is the link to Lahm’s recent mini-interview. This link is in English, but UEFA’s website – bless their heart – has it in other languages, too.

Lahm’s Interview to Champions Matchday Magazine

Here it is. (You can buy your copy of the magazine at UEFA’s official website.) For some reason, while reading, I got a feeling that he was very excited when answering questions. Enjoy! (On a side note, I am not posting the other half of it because it’s only his picture with the Champions League […]

Lahm’s Interview to Bild : The Locker Room Confessions

I wonder if Bild was thinking about Confessions of a Shopaholic when they came up with the title of this interview. Sensationalist much? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the article, thus I’d like to share it with you all. Happy reading! _________________________________________________________________ By Felix Seidel He has just experienced the best three weeks of his career. No […]