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Philipp Lahm reveals: “That’s more fun than football.”

I bet the media was so happy when Lahm got back from his vacation ^^ I imagine it being almost as great as Christmas for them. In any case, here’s the interview he gave to TZ. Enjoy! (And a big ‘thank you’ to Lana for helping me out with this one.) Advertisements

From Me To The Lahm-Universe

Doesn’t it seem odd that I still haven’t posted anything about Lahm’s retirement from the National Team? A bit. Well, alright. A lot. Hence, I am going to rectify the situation. I’ve taken my time…

The World’s Greatest

What a way to return to this blog! I have not abandoned it, no way, but I haven’t had enough time to write, comment, etc. And today is The Day. Naturally, I’ve watched this World Cup. I, too, felt unsure about the way Lahm played in midfield. (Frankly, I prefer his “midfield” thing at Bayern […]

The Subtle Difference: Chapter III – Part IV

October is here, so make sure you watch out for that capricious weather. It’s that time of year. Meanwhile, I’m continuing with Lahm’s book. Happy reading, y’all! _____________________________________________________ Rudi Völler’s successor is Jürgen Klinsmann. Klinsmann takes charge of the National Team, to which people have assigned all possible candidates all month long: “Arsenal” ‘s coach, […]

Lahm And The Midfield

A big thank you to ezralahm for bringing this article to my attention. And just to make sure that everyone’s read it, here is the link. Philipp Lahm’s Midfield Shift Shows His Understated Quality by Tim Palmer (If I really wanted for it to be precise, as I like it, I would point out that […]

Lahm’s Take On The Issue of Doping

I have not been following the debate, so I am not sure about all the why’s, where’s , when’s, etc. In short, I would not be able to tell why, apart from the elections, it seems to be such a hot topic in Germany at the moment. If anyone has any input, I would appreciate […]

Uli Hesse’s Commentary On Lahm

I am starting to think that somehow I have gotten used to the fact that articles like this one are seldom. This is quite an interesting read, and it is even more fascinating to read people’s comments. I’ll let you be the judge. (Thanks to KateL for bringing this article to my attention.) Hesse’s Commentary […]