Lahm’s TZ Interview: The Reactions

I am sure that at least once in our lives we all have said, “I would have done it better than X.” The question is … Would we have done it better? When the whole drama about Ballack’s resignation erupted, I was glad Philipp was on vacation. Otherwise, we would have seen tons of interviews with everyone wanting to know what he thought about it. But I knew that the media would ask him about the “summer drama” as soon as they got a chance.

And here we are with the interview to TZ that numerous online journals and magazines have republished. I took a look at one of those this morning, and their comments section was closed. (On a side note, TZ closed the comments section on their website yesterday.) No wonder why. Out of 259 user comments on that website, there are about three (!) that are not disrespectful and/or don’t call Lahm a suck-up (ein Schleimer) or a baby. Three posts out of 259 that actually ask a question as to why there is so much hate.

Hence, here are some points that I would like people to consider before they start being rude:

  1. Lahm does not tell journalists to ask him questions. They ask what they want and what, most likely, has already been approved either, if at all, by his PR representative, Bayern’s PR representative, or the DFB’s PR representative. Thus, those, who say that he should keep his mouth shut, should think twice before recommending that. Lahm is not the one who has come up with an initiative to talk about Ballack’s resignation to whatever extent.
  2. So, what exactly did he say that was so bad? The question was, “Still, can you imagine that the coach deliberately lied to Ballack?” He said he cannot. Does that mean that Löw is a saint? No. (Not to mention that Löw does not have a problem with telling people that he does not like them.) But there is no need to make it seem like it was some kind of conspiracy. Only Löw and Ballack know what really happened.
  3. The fact that Ballack is not on the national team is not Lahm’s fault. The fact that questions about Ballack’s future in the national team are irrelevant now is not news! It is not something that Lahm has decided! It is a mere aftermath statement.
  4. The fact that Löw filled him in on the captaincy issue around mid-May is not surprising either. Löw and Ballack have talked since March 30th. From both accounts, that of Ballack and that of Niersbach, it is clear that Ballack knew in May what was going on. With his experience of 10 years in the national team, he is not an innocent lad anymore. 

But even if this does not make you reconsider your own words, ask yourself a simple question, but try to give an honest answer: would you really have done it better if it had been you answering those questions? And then ask yourself if Lahm deserves being called a suck-up.



  1. anonymous · · Reply

    that is completely ridiculous. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Those questions were completely nosey and undermining, and Philipp answered them in the fairest and most honest way possible. I don’t understand how people can be so disrespectful to a man that is doing his best and is very capable at his job as the national team’s captain.

    1. Thank you very much for leaving a comment! Yeah, I think that some people just don’t realize how difficult it can get in those kinds of situations. And they don’t even want to try to think about it.

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