A fundraiser organized by Lahm and the Bavarian Football Association

After the match in Azerbaijan and before going on vacation, Philipp played two friendly matches. The first (June 9th) was in Stuttgart. He was on loan there in 2003-2005, and one of his former teammates has decided to retire. He has invited Philipp to participate in a friendly as part of the ceremony.

Then, on June 10th Lahm, along with his foundation, has organized a fundraiser in cooperation with the Bavarian Football Association (BFV). All money went to “das BFV-Mosambikprojekt”.

Philipp’s team, a.k.a. “Philipp & Friends”: Marcel Schäfer (Kapitän VfL Wolfsburg), Mats Hummels (Bor. Dortmund), Markus Husterer (Kickers Offenbach), Florian Heller (FSV Mainz 05), Stefano Celozzi, Christian Gentner (beide VfB Stuttgart), Michael Hofmann (SSV Jahn Regensburg), Markus H. Rosenmüller (Drehbuchautor und Regisseur, u.a. “Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot”), Felix Neureuther (Ski-Ass), Florian Weber, Peter Brugger (beide Sportfreunde Stiller), Manuel Machata (Bob-Weltmeister), Peter Sippel (FIFA-Schiri) und Diego Contento (FC Bayern München)

The BVF-Elf: Tor: Fabian Graßl (SpVgg Lam), Xaver Rösslein (TSV Wolkersdorf)
Abwehr: Benjamin Pickel (TG Höchberg – Mtf), Bernd Schiedermeier (SV Ostermünchen), Gerhard Ferlisch (SpVgg altenerding), Sebastian Wegmann, (FC Ergolding),  Oskar Kretzinger (BCF Wolfratshausen), Emanuel Jozic (TSV Eching)
Mittelfeld: Florian Hönisch (TSV Aindling), Thomas Bachinger (FC Ismaning), Fernando Ernesto (SV Heimstetten), Mustafa Kushtrim (SG Hausham), Christoph Stocker (TSV Aufhausen), Franz Knoll (FC Ampertal Unterbruck), Mario Rumpel (SV Eintracht Schraudenbach), Rick Pinder (DJK Workerzell)
Angriff: Michael Marinkovic (FT Starnberg 09), Florian Niederlechner (FC Ismaning), Robert Rakaric (TSV Landsberg)

In addition to signing autographs by everyone for anyone who wanted them, there were plenty of interesting activities to do. Everyone wishing to try his/her strengths in biathlon, shooting goals, or wishing to participate in some sort of a football training show was able to do so. Judging by some boys’ reaction, everyone had a lot of fun. Afterward, there was the game. Lahm’s team won 7:5. Philipp scored the first goal.

Also, some children were chosen from many applicants to lead the teams on to the field. The kids were ecstatic! After the game, the jerseys of participants were auctioned off. The highest bet of 200 euros was… for Lahm’s jersey.

(Here you can also view some pictures: http://www.tz-online.de/sport/fussball/fc-…tz-1280721.html)

Some pictures: the source –  http://www.bfv.de



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