Babett Peter: Lahm as an Example

I cannot say how many fans Lahm has. I would like to think that there are plenty. But I am sure that there are people for whom he is an example of not only a skillful football player, but also that of an individual. I know I am one of those people.

And it appears that Babett Peter is no different. In her interview for TZ, Peter, who is a left-back for the Women’s German national team, mentions Lahm as an example for her. When talking about the leadership in the defense, the reporter asserts (my translation):

TZ: A leading player in the men’s team is Philipp Lahm. On your homepage you emphasize his strengths. Is he an idol of yours?

Peter: No, you can’t necessarily speak of him as an idol. I appreciate him a lot, he has shown outstanding performances. Besides, I play on the same position of a full-back as he does. But I also appreciate him as an individual. He is involved in many social projects. 

TZ: Have you ever met him?

Peter: No, unfortunately not. But I would love to!

TZ: Then what makes him who he is? And what makes him a good full-back?

Peter: What makes him is that he always puts 100% into his defensive work and goes forward with dangerous crosses or wonderful goals as during the World Cup 2006. He is very reliable, always shows good performances – in every regard, an exemplary athlete!

The whole interview:




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